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Traveling with Fido

June 26, 2012

Jet setting dog on the go!

Get your pet ready for travel!
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Keep these pet travel tips in mind before you *ahem* embark!

Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets in North America. They add lots of love to your home, but also add extra considerations—for example, when you travel.

When you decide to go on a family vacation, options are to take your pet with you, board it, or have a friend pet-sit. Many hotels, like the Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel and Suites, have pet-friendly rooms so that your furry friend can come along. Pet travel doesn’t have to be a pain. Here are some helpful tips for traveling with your pet to make the experience a smoother one.

Make sure your pet is wearing a label or tag with current contact information. You’d be surprised how many pets are wearing collars with out-of-date phone numbers etched onto their tag. Pets have greater possibility of slipping away from you when you are away from home. Update their tags if needed.


Locate the name of a vet with emergency hours in the city to which you are traveling. In case of an accident, the last thing you want to do is have to search for a vet. Know ahead of time who and where they are in relation to your hotel.


Keep a jug of water in the car. Always keep something with you that you can pour water into for your pet. You don’t need a fancy travel bowl -- a small plastic cereal bowl will often do. Especially in summertime, traveling can dehydrate your pet, so make sure he or she is drinking plenty.


Bathroom options should be considered for your pet traveling. We recommend bio-degradable “pick-up” bags for dog waste and eco-friendly biodegradable travel litter boxes for cats. As a Green Hotel, we believe in eco-conscious options wherever possible.
Carry along a pet-first-aid kit. Items to include: Disinfectant and antibiotic ointment, canine aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, anti-diarrhea treatment, roll of gauze (can be used to make a muzzle if needed), bandage rolls, disposable gloves, nylon non-slip leash. Of course, if your pet is on medication, bring along enough for your trip along with specific information about the meds and its dosage.


Bring an old blanket or towel that you can put on the floor of the hotel for your pet to sleep on. If you can use it with your pet a couple of weeks before traveling, he / she will be used to it already. It will give them a comfortable spot.


Bring a travel kennel/carrier. You don’t know how your furry friend will react to the new environment, so make sure an have a safe place you can contain your pet if needed. Some dogs, who are fine to roam free at home, get a bit squirrelly in a hotel. A travel kennel can help.

Pre-planning for pet travel can make a big difference in a vacation that is great -- and one that has gone to the dogs. Happy traveling!

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