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Traveler Vaccination Tips

September 14, 2012

Vaccination Syringe by Yaniv Bel Aire

As scary as vaccinations may be, they could save your life!

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International travel is increasing once again, despite the continued global economic uncertainty. This winter, many Canadians are reporting they intend to travel, both within and outside of North America for vacations.

If you are planning to travel, here are some things to consider regarding extra vaccinations and advice for you or others in your family.

Tip 1: Check the CDC Website 
Many travelers wonder if they need specific vaccinations for traveling to different countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintain a list that includes the recommended vaccinations for global travel. You can use this link to access their world map:

If there are any specific outbreaks or concerns that arise, the CDC updates their website with travel-critical information.

The CDC divides vaccines into three categories for travelers. Routine vaccinations, recommended vaccinations and required vaccinations.

Hepatitis A and B are a common recommendation for any traveller. However, if there are specific vaccination suggestions, like for malaria, dengue, yellow fever, typhoid, etc., the CDC website will advise. They will also give you other medical tips for traveling to each specific country including information like what to pack, things to avoid, and other useful information.

Tip 2: See Your Doctor
Set an appointment to see your doctor approximately 6 weeks before your trip. Most of the travel vaccines take time to become effective in your body. Some vaccines must be given in a series over a period of days or sometimes weeks. So you want to be sure you leave enough time to obtain all the needed shots.

If your trip comes up quickly and you find yourself with less than 4 weeks before you leave, you should still see your doctor. You might still benefit from shots or medications and other information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while traveling.

Tip 3: Be Up-To-Date on Your Routine Vaccinations
Are you and your family up to date on the routine stuff required in your own country? If you aren’t sure, here are some links to help:

If you are traveling with seniors, young children or infants, schedule doctor’s appointments for everyone who will be on the trip. Discuss current medications that each person might be taking so the doctor or health provider can take everything into account when planning the vaccination schedule. Don’t forget to ask about side effects and what to do if side effects occur.

International travel vaccinations can be expensive. So plan for them in taking into account your trip costs. If your travel brings you through Kelowna, stop by The Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suite; we’d love to see you!


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