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Parents Who Travel? Tips to Stay Connected

September 16, 2012

Business mom

Business parents: try these tips to keep your family and work life balanced.

When parents travel for business, it can be hard on the family. Especially if the parent is gone for a week or more at a time. Here are some ideas for parents who must travel for work to stay in touch and help their kids know that even though your work takes you away for a while, your family remains top of mind.

Make the day before you leave special
Try not to schedule anything the night before you leave. Allow that time to be for spending with the family—maybe having pizza and a movie, or just family dinner and go for a walk. Pack while kids are at school so you can focus on them in the evening.

Play games with your kids online while you are gone
There are many interactive game applications that you can play online with your kids while you are gone.  Commit to taking a turn or two of the game each day while you are away. Scrabble, checkers, and chess are all good choices.

Skype each day
Our Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites offers free wireless internet to our guests. We also have a business center with computers. By using Skype (a free online calling service, provided you have a mic and/or camera on the computer), you can call home each evening or morning and connect with your loved ones. You can tell them about your day and ask them, “What was great about your day today?”

Leave little notes
Write a little note to each child, one for every day you’ll be gone. Have your spouse or whoever is caring for them give them the note in the morning, or have it tucked into their lunch box. It will let them know you are thinking about them.

Bring them back a little something
Bring back a postcard, a keychain, or something special from the city you traveled to. It doesn’t have to be much. One mom brought back a refrigerator magnet for the family from each of her business trips. It became a fun collection and something the kids always looked forward to.

Let your kids pick a family activity when you get home
Let the kids take turns picking a family activity when you get home. After one trip, you might have a baking party. After another, bowling. Again, ‘together’ is the key word.

Take pictures and show your kids where you were
On your phone or with your camera, take pictures of the places you visit so your kids get a feel for what you do. Share them with your family and talk about your trip with them. What is something interesting you saw? What was the best thing you ate while away? It will make them feel a bit like they were a part of it too.

If all of these sound overwhelming, pick one or two and give them a try on your next trip. Kids often wonder what their parents do when they travel for business, and this is a great way to let them into this part of your life. If your travels bring you to Kelowna, we hope to see you here at the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites!


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