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Holiday for Less: Tips for Kelowna Hotel Deals and More

July 26, 2016

Kelowna Hotel Deals

Planning a vacation to the sunny Okanagan this year? These tips can help you find great Kelowna hotel deals and keep more money in your pocket.

Summer vacations are a great way to spend time with your family while exploring new places and soaking up a little vitamin D. If you’ve got a family trip planned to the Okanagan this summer, these budget-friendly tips paired with Kelowna hotel deals can keep out in the sun and out of the red.


1. Budget, budget, budget. You’ve heard this word before, but sometimes the excitement of planning a trip and getting the whole family together can derail any budget planning you may have started. By preparing a travel budget, you can keep track of your expenses while away. This will free you up to focus on your family and activities and get more out of your summer holiday.

There are some great vacation budget worksheets available online to make it easy to forecast spending and stick to the plan. Following a budget will also prevent sticker shock when you open up your first credit card bill once you return home.


2. Keep the credit cards at home. Once you decide to plan a trip, start setting aside a little spending money. Set up a jar in the kitchen and start a vacation fund. Get your kiddos involved too. Once you’ve booked your flights and accommodations with your credit card (after all, nobody wants to miss out on points and added protection), put your cards away. Pay with cash everywhere you go, and you’ll be able to stick to the budget and maintain your cash a lot better.    


3. Avoid peak season to score Kelowna hotel deals. If your vacation dates are flexible, try booking hotel rooms for a midweek stay, and be sure to avoid booking a room during long weekends. If you’re really looking for a great deal and not picky on which dates you want to travel, try booking last minute.

Hotels sometimes try to sell off unoccupied rooms at a reduced rate. However, if your travel dates are set in stone, do an online search for Kelowna hotel deals before booking your room.  


4. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary costs. Turn off roaming on your cell phone if your plan doesn’t cover that and connect to Wi-Fi instead.  Pack lightly to avoid paying extra baggage fees at the airport.

If you’re driving, make sure your car has been serviced to avoid any unexpected repair bills. Consider staying at Kelowna hotels downtown instead of on the outskirts of town to reduce your travel expenses. Walking to the beach and area attractions can keep costs low.


5. Be food smart. Eating at restaurants three times a day for a family of four (or more) for the entire duration of your vacation can really rack up your vacation bill. Instead, opt for a suite that offers a fridge and stove.

You can save big bucks by preparing food in your hotel room. Or, if dining out is one of your favourite parts of vacationing, look for hotels that offer complimentary breakfasts during your stay. Reducing your food budget by just one meal a day can go a long way.


For more food budget tips, check out our previous post: Squeeze More Out of Your Summer Holiday Food Budget in Kelowna.


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