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Tips for a Quiet Pup Staying at Best Hotels in Kelowna

September 20, 2016

Pet-friendly Kelowna hotels

Read on to discover some of the best puppy etiquette tips when traveling to the best hotels in Kelowna.

Trips with pets can add a whole new layer of complexity to your travel plans. Besides narrowing down the best hotels in Kelowna from a long list of options, you’ll have to make sure your choice is also pet-friendly. However, traveling with your faithful companion can make your trip much more enjoyable than heading out solo. If you’ve got your next trip planned with your pet in tow, check out some of these easy-to-manage tips for keeping your pup happy and quiet while staying at Kelowna pet-friendly hotels.


1. Get familiar with your surroundings. If you have to leave your pet behind in your room, let them get acclimated to the hotel room first. Spread out some dog toys. Find a cozy space to set up their kennel or dog bed. Have a little cuddle time and be generous with the head pats. By making your pup feel like he’s at home and that you’ll be coming back for him, he’ll be less likely to bark and stir up complaints from other hotel guests.


2. Go for a W-A-L-K. Tired dogs are less likely to get wound up in your empty hotel room and cause a ruckus while you’re in a meeting or running errands. Some of the best hotels in Kelowna offer grassy courtyards that are perfect for puppy playtime. You could also stop by the front desk and ask about local dog parks or hiking trails. And while out on your walk, don’t forget that it’s your dog’s walk, not yours. Let them sniff and explore. The more they get to explore and engage in their surroundings, the more tired they’ll be when it’s time to return to your room.


3. Pack some extra surprises. If you know you’ll have to leave your hound for extended periods of time, pack a little something extra for him. Consider a bone that will take time to work through, or a puzzle-style treat dispenser. If your dog is occupied, he’ll be less likely to bark at hotel guests passing by in the hallway.


4. Treat your dog to some tunes. Sometimes idle dogs just need some background sounds to help keep them calm. Consider playing some music or letting the TV run while you’re out. You can even find certain compositions that are actually proven to help calm and reduce anxiety in dogs. Besides offering calming effects, background music can help drown out any noise from the hallway that could intrigue your curious little buddy.


5. Be considerate of your situation. If you need to leave your dog unattended, check in with the front desk. Leave your contact information in case of an emergency. If something happens while you’re away, or your dog is missing you loudly, the front desk can easily notify you.


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