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Stay at a Kelowna Hotel for Back to School Shopping

August 23, 2016

Kelowna hotels and shopping

Staying at a Kelowna hotel can make back to school shopping a breeze.

Back to school shopping can be a lot of fun and a great way to spend some time with your kiddos. If you live outside of the Okanagan, consider staying at a centrally located Kelowna hotel. Besides having access to the best shopping in the area, you can combine your shopping spree into a mini vacation before the kids head back to the grind in September.


Save Time

Shopping for back to school clothing and accessories can be time-consuming, especially if you have more than one place to stop at. By staying at a Kelowna hotel that’s located close to the Orchard Park Mall and the nearby kid-friendly stores, you can do a one-stop shop without having to drive all over the city. The mall alone is home to 170 retailers and services, and caters to children of all ages.


Shop Smart

Besides having access to the best shopping in the Okanagan, you’re likely to find some big sales in preparation for the new school year. If you’re looking to save a bit of cash this year, here are a few tips to keep you on a back-to-school budget:

1. Wait before you buy. Sometimes you don’t need to have every single item on the list purchased before the first day of school. Oftentimes, one or two outfits will do for the first week of school. You can always buy a few more after the back-to-school rush when retailers are looking to purge some of their inventory. The same goes for supplies. You can always get the basics and then add to their pencil case later.  

2. Avoid online shopping. If you’re planning on shopping online, plan a trip to a hotel Kelowna moms and dads love instead. Besides saving on shipping costs, your kids will have a chance to try their clothes on first. This will also save you from having to send your purchases back if they don’t fit.

3. Consider refurbished electronics. New laptops and phones often come with hefty price tags. If you’re able to, find yourself a reputable dealer that offers certified used electronics. The cost of these items are much more affordable than their brand spanking new counterparts.

4. Check out local thrift stores. You can find great quality clothing and amazing deals at local thrift stores. If your kids have an appreciation for designer labels, check out thrift stores located in the more ritzy neighbourhoods.     


Breathe Easy

Don’t let back to school shopping become a burden. Treat your shopping spree like a mini getaway – a one last chance to spend some quality family time together before school starts.


Check out our previous post for even more reasons why you should consider a last minute trip before the first day of school: Unwinding at Hotels in Kelowna Before the Back to School Rush.


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