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The Savvy Way to Make Business Trips to Kelowna Hotels ‘Bizcations’

September 24, 2014

Kelowna Hotel Business Trip

Trade in your flip flops for high heels and enjoy all the Okanagan and its Kelowna hotels have to offer while putting in a shift at ‘the office.’


Your computer dings with the sound of an email. Your boss wants you in Kelowna for meetings. So, after scouring Kelowna hotels for a convenient location with the amenities you need, you pack your bags, set your out-of-office notification and head to the Okanagan Valley, renowned for its golf, wine and beaches. Along the way, you wonder, how can I add a little holiday to this trip?

As employers encourage more work-life balance and as hotels accommodate business travellers, ‘bizcations’ are becoming a travel mainstay. What is a bizcation anyway, you ask?

Well, a bizcation is the product of blending a bit of vacation with your business schedule, hence the catchy term ‘bizcation.’ The possibilities here are endless!


Out of Office But at Work

Soak in the hot tub while punching out an email on your Blackberry, sample great wines and delicious cuisine at a local restaurant after a long day of meetings, or relax at the beach nearKelowna hotels while dialing into a conference call. The point here is to do all the relaxing activities a vacation would entail while maintaining a workday away from the office.

Think about it this way: almost 50 per cent of travelers bring their phones and laptops with them when vacationing. Checking work emails, phoning in to the office to check for messages, and listening to voicemails on company-assigned cellphones are becoming commonplace holiday activities nowadays, so why shouldn’t you take some time out to relax when travelling for work, especially when you’re in Kelowna?


Extend your trip

It’s also becoming increasingly more common for many corporate travelers to ask for an extension while travelling to take some vacation time immediately following a business trip so they can do some sightseeing or take in a few rounds of golf at one of Kelowna’s nearly 20 world-class tracks.

This way, you can experience different destinations while your company picks up the tab for your flights. A lot of businesses are now allowing employees’ spouses or pets to tag along to thepet-friendly Kelowna hotels, as long as they cover their own extra expenses.

With all the different business hotspots you’re being asked to hop around to, take advantage of an all-expenses-paid business trip and get out there and enjoy some new sights, foods, and culture.

The next time you’re headed to Kelowna hotels for a work-related trip, check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Okanagan Wine Tours to discover why so many travelers choose to vacation in Kelowna each year.


When planning your next bizcation, consider staying at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites, offering a variety of stay-and-play packages, a grassy courtyard, mineral pool, free hot breakfast, and warm, helpful staff to perfect for all your bizcation needs.

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