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Safe Travels: Tips for Traveling Alone

September 25, 2012

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Be careful of both dense and isolated areas of the city.

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Whether traveling by yourself for business or for pleasure, you need to take extra precautions to keep safe. More than a quarter of North American adults will take a trip by themselves in the course of a year, and while most may go problem-free, you can never be too safe.

Here are 5 suggestions for staying safe while traveling by yourself.

Tip 1: Leave copies of your documents with a trusted family member or friend

Copies of your passport, your credit card numbers, your travel itinerary and any other special papers should be left at home in case you lose the real things. This may not seem like a personal safety matter but it will help ensure you can take care of things quickly in case something should happen to your originals.

Tip 2: Exercise caution in your hotel

Never answer a knock on your hotel door unless you confirm who it is. If a knocker says he is a hotel employee, take the extra time to call the front desk and verify if someone has been sent to your room.

Make sure your hotel door closes completely when you enter and exit, and use the extra safety lock when inside.

Tip 3: You might BE a tourist, but you don't have to look like one

If you are exploring a new city, do your best to avoid looking like you have no idea where you are. Step inside of a business to ask for directions instead of stopping people on the street. Find a discreet spot to unfold your giant city map.

This doesn’t mean you can’t engage in a friendly conversation with locals, but be wary of giving people detailed information about who you are and where you’re staying.

Tip 4: Don't flash your green

You don’t want it to be obvious where you are keeping your money, or how much you have with you. If you have brought a lot of cash with you on your trip, don’t carry it all at once if you don’t have to. Leave what you don’t need securely behind in your hotel. And while suitcase locks are not very airport friendly, you can bring along an unattached lock for your suitcase zippers while at the hotel and take it off again at the airport.

Spread your money between a couple of different places on your person. A money belt that fits underneath clothing is less obvious than a fanny pack or big purse that screams “money inside!”

Tip 5: Keep alert

There is much to see when exploring a new city, and you want to be sure to take it all in. However, pay attention to the people around you. If you notice that the same person seems to be following behind you, stop and talk to a police officer.

Also, don’t walk down the street wearing headphones. The noise from your music will make you less aware of the things going on around you.

You can always ask your hotel for information on places to go and places to avoid. We at The Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites always enjoy helping our customers find the right activities to make their stay in Kelowna a great time. Hope to see you soon!


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