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Road Trips with Pets: Tips for Traveling to Kelowna Hotels with Fido

June 16, 2014

by Natalie Appleton

Bailey’s tail has been wagging for an hour because he knows he’s about to go on an adventure, and you’re excited too, because you’re prepared. This summer, when you’re heading to pet-friendly Kelowna hotels, make the trip there a pleasant one by following these tips for traveling with pets.

Tips for Traveling With Pets

Before the trip, always stop by your veterinarian’s office to give your pet a quick check-up, especially when crossing the Canadian border. Pets crossing the border are expected to have their shots up to date and be in good health. The vet will give you the paperwork you’ll need when heading through customs.

By Plane

  • If you’re heading to the Okanagan via airplane, consider these helpful tips before heading to the airport:
  • When you buy your ticket, make sure to tell the airlines that you are bringing a pet with you. Double-check the airline’s requirements for flying with your pooch or cat.
  • A pet carrier is essential when making the trip via air. Check with your vet to see which carrier is the most appropriate for your travels.
  • Label the carrier with your pet’s name.
  • Feed your pet four to six hours before the flight. A full stomach can cause discomfort.
  • Line the bottom of the kennel with absorbent material, especially if you’ll be on a long flight.
  • Take a walk or a run with your pup before the flight. A well-exercised pet will probably sleep most of the flight, easing their stress levels.
  • Be responsible for your dog’s actions. If Fido isn’t a happy traveler, speak with your vet about medications that can relax your pet’s anxiety before hitting the tarmac.


By Pavement

Road trip! If your little angel is making the trip in the car with you to a pet-friendly Kelowna hotel, follow these tips to make traveling together a great bonding experience:

  • Find a pet carrier that has enough space for your pet to comfortably sit, stand, turn around, and lay down in.
  • Ensure the carrier is strapped in securely.
  • Don’t allow your pet to roam freely around the vehicle. This could be a safety hazard to both you and Fido.
  • Stop frequently. Not only are frequent stops good for you, but your pet will enjoy them too. A quick snack, drink, and pee time will ensure your pet is a happy one.
  • Watch the weather report. If you plan on strapping your pet’s carrier into the box of your truck, make sure the weather will be fitting. If it’s too cold or too hot, your pet’s health may be at risk.
  • If your pet is traveling inside the vehicle with you, make sure you don’t leave your pet unattended. Locking your pet in a sweltering vehicle, even if the windows are partly opened, can severely injure or kill your pet, and you may be faced with a fine in some provinces.

Looking for fun things for you and your best friend to do in the Okanagan? Check out our post Pet-friendly Kelowna Parks and Attractions.


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