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Road Trip Tips: How to Plan Your Visit to Kelowna Hotels

May 25, 2017

Road Trip Tips: How to Plan Your Visit to Kelowna Hotels

Plan your road trip to Kelowna hotels using these handy tips.

There’s something magical about taking a road trip. It could be the idea of hitting the open road, stopping in at tourist attractions along the way, or the feeling of freedom as you leave your responsibilities in your rear view mirror. No matter what makes a road trip to a hotel in Kelowna fun for you, there are a few serious items that need to be handled in advance. 

To ensure you have the best road trip ever, follow some of these quick and easy steps. 


1. Give Your Car a Clean Bill of Health

Your car (or truck or van or SUV) is your ticket to a road trip. To make sure you’re not spending a day stranded on the side of some unknown road, have a mechanic or someone mechanically inclined take a peek under the hood before your trip. Do this a few weeks before the planned trip, just in case something comes up that requires some attention. If parts need to be brought in for a repair, you’ll have ample time to complete the repair without stressing out about missing departure day. 


2. Plan the Route to your hotel in Kelowna

Although there’s nothing better than hopping in your car and choosing a route as you go, it’s much safer and practical to plan the route in advance. And don’t forget to share the route with not only your passengers but with friends and family not coming along with you too. If your car breaks down or you get sidetracked along the way, it’s good to have someone know approximately where you may be on your journey to your Kelowna accommodations. 


3. Keep Some Cash in Your Pocket

If paying with credit and debit cards is your chosen purchasing method, you may want to consider keeping a small amount of cash on you too. Somewhere along your road trip route, you may run into a store that only accepts cash. Or you may find the bank has suspended your cards due to unfamiliar purchases. Whatever the reason, keeping cash on your person at least until you reach one of your Kelowna hotels is a good practice to keep. 


4. Create a Road Trip Playlist

Even though you will have plenty of new sights to take in along the way, you may experience a few lulls in entertainment. To keep you awake and at your best behind the wheel, make yourself a road trip playlist with all your favourite tunes on it. It’ll keep you tapping your toes and singing along, lessening the chances of you accidentally falling asleep behind the wheel.  


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