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Road Trip Safely to Your Next Vacation Accommodations in Kelowna

April 10, 2012

Road Trip to Kelowna Hotel

Time for a road trip!!

“Road trip!”

Car trips can be a blast. Hotels in Kelowna see thousands of visitors every summer, many of whom arrive by car.

Here at The Best Western Kelowna Hotel, we want you to arrive safely! Before you pack your snacks and hit the road, there are some things you want to check on your vehicle before piling in.



Check your tire pressure and the tread

Incorrect tire pressure will give you poorer fuel economy, which can hurt your wallet, but more importantly, it creates higher friction with the road, which can cause a blowout. Check your owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure for your vehicle; don’t go by the number printed on the tire, which is the maximum pressure the tire can hold. This is an important difference. If your tread is worn down, replace them! Traveling with worn out tires is the surest way to find yourself sitting on the side of the road, rather than cruising on it.



How’s the Engine Oil?

Have you checked your oil lately? Have you had it changed? That little sticker in the upper left of your windshield can likely tell you if you’re getting close to the mileage at which your oil should be changed. Taking a moment to check can get you to your accommodations in Kelowna much quicker!



What about the other fluids?

No, we don’t mean having coffee in the coffee holders and juice boxes for the kids. Your car has transmission fluid brake fluid, engine coolant, and differential fluids that all should be topped up and checked before you hit the road. And of course, don’t forget windshield washing fluid to help get those dead bugs out of your line of vision!



Check the spare tire

Do you know how to get to your spare tire? Is it even there? Ensure it is pumped and you have all the jack parts to change a flat. If you’ve never changed a flat before, practice in your driveway. The Coquihalla isn’t the place you want to have your first experience.

These tips should help you road trip safely this summer. Your favorite Green Kelowna hotel, The Best Western Kelowna Hotel and Suites, is waiting for you!

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