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Questions to Ask the Pet Friendly Hotel Kelowna Experts

December 20, 2016

Pet-Friendly Hotel

Before booking a pet friendly hotel Kelowna dog owners prefer, be sure to ask these six important questions first.

Searching for a pet friendly hotel Kelowna goers speak highly of can be tricky when your only tools are a computer and a phone. Without seeing the hotel firsthand, you may find yourself blinding choosing a hotel that may or may not meet the needs of you and your travelling companion. Although a hotel may claim to be pet-friendly, the attitude of the hotel staff can range from merely pet tolerant to overly accommodating. Before booking a pet-friendly hotel room, be sure to pick up the phone and ask the front desk staff the following questions.


1. Does the hotel accept pets? This question may seem like a no brainer, but it’s always the first and most important question that needs to be asked. Because hotel pet policies can change with little to no notice, you want to make sure Fido will be welcomed with open arms at check in.


2. Are there any restrictions on pet type and size? Some hotels may only accept cats and small dogs while other hotels don’t place a limit on breed and weight. Besides asking if pets are allowed, you need to make sure your pet is allowed.


3. How many pets are allowed per room? If both Tiny and Mr. Big are making the trip with you to a pet friendly hotel Kelowna visitors have recommended, make sure to ask about the hotel’s policy regarding multiple pets per room. Some hotels are happy to accommodate multiple pet owners while others are only willing to allow one pet per room.


4. Are there any additional fees? Most hotels will request a pet deposit upon check in just in case your fluffy buddy chews on some furniture or has an accident on the carpet. But some hotels will also charge a non-refundable fee per pet accompanying you during your stay. To avoid any check out surprises, be sure to ask about all the extra pet-associated fees before booking a room. 


5. Does the hotel have specific pet-friendly rooms? In order to accommodate guests with pets, guests with allergies, and guests with specific room preferences, some hotels will have specific pet-friendly rooms set aside for their guests travelling with pets. It’s always a good idea to ask in advance, so you know what to expect when checking into an accommodation Kelowna pet lovers recommend. 


6. Is it OK for pets to be left unattended in the room? If you’re heading to Kelowna for business meetings and won’t be able to have your little buddy tag along, be sure to ask about this. You’ll want to make sure the pet friendly hotel Kelowna dog lovers have recommended is OK with you leaving Fido behind for a few hours.


If your furry buddy gets a little too excited when staying at a hotel, be sure to check out our previous post for some helpful tips: Tips for a Quiet Pup Staying at Best Hotels in Kelowna.



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