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Packing the Nanny: Tips for Traveling with a Babysitter

January 10, 2013

Let the babysitter spend the day with the kids while you shop from our Kelowna hotel
Let your babysitter or nanny spend the day at the park with the kids while you enjoy some solo shopping or spa time on your next family holiday.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to do a little sightseeing or shopping sans children on your next family holiday? Maybe even enjoy a dinner or two with your spouse, after 5 p.m. and with no sign of hot dogs or tears?

More and more parents are discovering the benefits of bringing the babysitter on trips. But it’s not quite as simple as your usual Saturday night out. On holiday, there’s a lot more to consider to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Before you approach your babysitter with the idea of joining you and your munchkins to Mexico, it’s important to prepare the details for his/her travel just as carefully as you would the rest of the trip.

Here are some tips for traveling with a babysitter or nanny:

Money talk. Think about what you’re willing to pay for: flights, accommodations, meals, entertainment, etc., as well as any earnings you want to offer on top of that. The expenses you plan to cover plus any wages should be clear from the outset so there are no surprises at admission gates or on payday.

Working conditions. Will your babysitter wake up with the kids each day and mind them until bedtime? Or will she start a little later, after some family time on the beach? Will she get a day or afternoon off to do her own sightseeing? It’s a good idea to have a tentative schedule ready so you both know when she’s expected to be on the clock.

Activities. Can the babysitter take the kids on the subway to go see a museum? Are all-day resort expeditions to go swimming with the dolphins OK? Set guidelines if there are any places or modes of transportation that are off-limits. At the same time, ask your babysitter or nanny for input about activities she thinks would suit her and the kids.

Space. Where will your nanny sleep? Are you able to provide another room so she can take a break from your family at the end of the day, and join you the next day feeling refreshed and ready to jump into another afternoon of sand-castle building? Most families find funding an extra room money well-spent. Renting a vacation home or apartment sometimes makes finding your babysitter her own space much easier.

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