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Our Kelowna Hotel Tips for New Year Travel Resolutions

January 10, 2017

Kelowna Hotels New Year Travel

If visiting a Kelowna hotel is part of your New Year’s resolution, take a peek at our tips to help make this year’s resolutions stick.

New Year resolutions can be easy to set, but oftentimes the very things you promised to work on in the New Year can be pushed aside as life starts to get in the way. If your New Year’s resolution was to make more time for travel more often, especially to a Kelowna hotel, we can help you turn those resolutions into a reality.


1. Pick a Specific Travel Destination

If you’ve had your eye on a vacation that takes you on a tour across Canada, it’s time to narrow it down a little more. To help make your plans easier to obtain, start by creating a list of must-visit cities. The goal here is to be as specific as possible. If British Columbia has been a destination on your imaginary travel itinerary, think of specific towns and cities you’d like to stop at. To take your goal one step further, start researching hotels and amenities to stay at. The more specific the goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it.


2. Book the Vacation

One of the easiest ways to make those travel goals happen is to book the time off work well in advance, even if you haven’t purchased airfare or booked your stay at a hotel. Once those days are booked off at work, you’ll have something to look forward to, and you’ll be all ready to start the fun task of planning the details of your trip. If one of your destinations includes the Okanagan, read some reviews for the best hotels in Kelowna and get your room booked.


3. Build a Travel Fund

One of the biggest deterrents to making those travel plans happen is not having a travel fund readily accessible. To prevent this common cause from derailing those plans, put a travel fund jar in your kitchen. Every time you plan on stopping for coffee on the way to work, put the equivalent amount in your jar and skip the stop. Another great way to save for the trip is to take a percentage off of each pay cheque and tuck it safely away into a savings account. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of tucking away a little money, you won’t even miss that percentage coming off your paycheque.


4. Create a Backyard Bucket List

If travel funds are a little tight this year, but the idea of traveling is still on your mind, create a backyard bucket list. For Okanagan locals, visit a Kelowna hotel for a weekend (or a week) and spend your time living like a tourist. The Okanagan is full of so many amazing hot spots and sometimes locals tend to miss out on them. If you’ve caught yourself saying, “One day I should check out EnergyPlex or that fantastic new winery,” now is definitely the time to ‘travel’ in your own hometown. Even if you’re not local to the Okanagan, check out some favourite attractions in your hometown or in a nearby city. No matter where you hang your hat, there’s bound to be a few local attractions you’ve never visited before.


If visiting a Kelowna hotel is part of your New Year’s resolution travel plans, check out our previous post for 8 Stay-Worthy Amenities Hotels in Kelowna Must Have


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