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Our Kelowna Hotel Knows How to Spoil Moms on Mother's Day

May 01, 2012


 With the arrival of May comes the arrival of a day dedicated to some very special people –

Mother’s Day!

Our Kelowna hotel has rounded up some great ideas to ensure that an abundance of brownie points are accumulated by the family, and more importantly, that Mom has the best day possible on May 13th.

 If you want to spend a little (or a lot) on Mom this year, spend your money or effort on getting a gift you know she'll love this Mother’s Day.   Sometimes a home-made craft lovingly created by the wee ones in the family or a box of chocolates and beautiful flowers are enough to make a Mom melt.  Sometimes you need to spoil her like you’ve never spoiled her before.  Give her a day all to herself, enjoying quiet bliss at a Spa, or maybe spend the whole weekend together as a family at our hotel in Kelowna.  You know her best, so check out our ideas and make it memorable. 


  • Flowers and chocolates:  A simple thoughtful gesture that is one step in the right direction to getting the key to any woman’s heart.  Pair them with a hand-crafted card and you’ll have her at “Hello”.  Warning: Make sure you know what her favorite flower is and what her favorite chocolates are!  There’s nothing worse than giving an allergy attack to the woman you love.


  • Brunch, lunch or dinner:  Take Mom out to a restaurant in Kelowna, like our ORA Kitchen & Bar, where you won’t be the only ones lavishing her with attention and delicious eats.  Warning: Make reservations! There’s nothing worse than having to hit up a drive-thru after being told by every restaurant that they’re fully booked. 

Another great idea is preparing all her favorites at home and serving her as if she were at a restaurant. She’ll appreciate the gesture - just make sure to do the dishes after too!


  • Clean the house:  Send Mom to our Wellness Spa for some pampering and start cleaning! Scrub the tub, do the laundry, or anything else you know she does on a regular basis and despises.  Warning: Don’t move anything, just clean! There’s nothing worse than moving things or reorganizing a house where the only person who knows where everything can be found is Mom. 


  • Family bonding: Being together for one full day can be just what Mom wants in a life where soccer practice or work or ballet can make that next to impossible.  Spend the day at the park, plant a garden, watch a movie or take her somewhere you know she loves, even if you don’t.  Warning: No fighting!  There’s nothing worse than sibling bickering or spousal nagging to put a damper on Mom’s day.


 Regardless what you do this Mother’s Day, make it all about Mom. Now’s the time to start listening for hints and asking questions for clues as to what she loves most.  And if you still have no idea, just call us and book one of our amazing Kelowna hotel packages.  That’ll get the brownie points through the roof for you.

 We want to know:  What was your most memorable Mother’s Day?  Send us a tweet or visit us on our Facebook page and tell us all about it!


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