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Last Minute Travel Tips

June 28, 2012

Let each hard earned dollar travel further for you.

Travel further with your hard-earned dollars.
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Many of us dream of having the luxury of packing a bag and whisking off to an exotic location for a last-minute vacation. Last minute traveling can actually be an economical way to see the world, especially if you have flexibility on your location destination. There are many components to last-minute traveling, but here are a few tips for finding the best airfare available.

First of all, make sure your passport is up to date. You can’t jet off anywhere without a valid passport. Remember, it’s last-minute traveling we’re talking about here, not last-minute applications to get a passport! So, assuming you and any travel companions have your all important travel document in-hand, you’re ready to make the leap into last-minute traveling.

Know Your Online Sites

Some online sites boast great last-minute deals, but they actually only recycle the same deals over and over again. Monitor a few sites for a while before deciding on one to use. If you notice the same things popping up, they likely aren’t awesome deals, they might only be marginal ones.

If you have a real sense of adventure, visit or These and some other sites allow you to place auction style bids on flights, hotels, or even entire vacation packages.

Go to the Zoo

TravelZoo, that is! and other related sites provide a compilation of the best travel deals. You can join their email list and receive a weekly updated list right to your inbox. This prevents you from having to scour the internet yourself. (After hours of searching the internet, you’d definitely need a vacation!)

Don't Neglect the Obvious

Airlines are directly offering better deals online than ever before because of the fierce competition for flight prices. Don’t be intimidated to go directly to the airline website and see what they have available. If you notice your ticket price has gone down after you’ve booked, don’t be afraid to ask for a refund.

Be Aware of the T-Word

Don’t forget about taxes. Some deals look great on the screen, but as you go to complete your purchase, the price suddenly doubles. Always check if taxes or extra fees are included in the price that is shown.

Consider the Seasons

Destination locations that are at the end of their peak travel season will be cheaper to travel to than places just starting their travel season. Choosing an end-of-season location can save you a bundle!


Last-minute traveling doesn’t mean you have to go unprepared. With a little consideration beforehand, you could save more money to spend during the trip itself!

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