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Kelowna Hotels Give Tips on How to Protect Your Identity During Spring Break

March 11, 2013

Whether you’re heading to a vacation rental on the sunny beaches of Florida or to the Best Western Kelowna Hotel near Big White for Spring Break, it’s important to prevent identity theft while you’re traveling.

When you’re on holiday and staying at hotels in Kelowna, it’s easy to get into vacation mode: You’re snowboarding all day or relaxing at a spa, eating at restaurants, and enjoying the nightlife. In short, you’re in a good mood and your guard is down.

That’s when thieves strike.

"Identity theft can happen at any time, but when traveling, you're often in a distracting and unfamiliar environment and carrying a lot of sensitive information," said Dave Maraman, Florida Regional President, BMO Harris Bank in a press release urging families to help prevent identity theft. "That can make you more vulnerable to someone stealing your identity."

If someone gets a hold of your social insurance number and credit cards, they can run up massive bills but also open new accounts, run charges and ruin your name. The result is a long, stressful ordeal to get your name cleared.  And you wouldn’t want that to ruin your relaxing stay at one of the green, pet-friendly hotels in Kelowna.

What can you do to protect your identity over spring break?

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t carry your social insurance number. Simply leave this card at home since you won’t need it while you’re sightseeing. This alone protects you from much of the long-lasting and sometimes irreversible damage caused by identity theft because without it, thieves can’t open new credit card accounts.
  • Secure your identity documents, personal devices, and credit cards. When you leave your Kelowna hotel room, don’t leave your laptop, smartphone, or passport lying around. Store these items in an in-room safe or in a safety deposit box at the front desk. If you’re looking for safe hotels, Kelowna accommodations offer secure suites and other provisions so you don’t have to worry while you’re out.  
  • Be smart about your Wi-Fi use. Avoid any online banking or credit card transactions that display your personal information if you’re using a public wireless network in a Kelowna hotel, cafe, or airport. If you're using a public computer, be sure to log yourself out of your account.
  • Carry the minimum in a secure travel money belt, clip, or purse. Take only the few credit cards and pieces of ID you really need and store them on your body with a travel accessory that suits you and your activities.
  • Keep passports and laptops in your carry-on luggage. These documents and the information stored on your personal devices are much safer when they’re in your sight.


Enjoy a relaxing spring break in BC and bring along Bailey, Mickie, or Fifi when you stay at our pet-friendly hotel in Kelowna. The green, award-winning BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites offers free parking, restaurants, a spa, a mineral pool and more.

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