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Kelowna Hotel Offers Travel Benefits for Kids with Special Needs like Autism

March 22, 2012

The Best Western Kelowna Hotel is equipped with many ammenities, including sink, mini-fridge, and microwave.

The Best Western Kelowna Hotel is equipped with many amenities, including sink, mini-fridge (or full-sized fridge), microwave, and oven with stovetop (not pictured).

In recent years, Kelowna hotels have welcomed more traveling families who have kids with special needs, like autism spectrum disorders. Traveling can be hard enough on a family, but when you add the extra pressure of having to manage the delicate needs of a child with autism, traveling can be nearly impossible.

Our Best Western Kelowna Hotel offers some features that can help reduce the stress on families. Here are some tips and strategies that might make your Kelowna accommodations more comfortable.

1) Many children with autism have either restricted diets due to allergies or have food preferences that make eating out difficult. In seeking Okanagan accommodations, choosing a hotel with mini-fridge or kitchen facilities can help ensure your child has the right food he or she needs.

2) Our hotel rooms offer multiple lamps in the rooms, so the lighting can be made dimmer if the child is more comfortable that way. Rooms with lighting controls are helpful in making a space calming.

3) The Best Western Kelowna Hotel offers allergy-friendly rooms as an option for guests who have trouble tolerating carpeting. We also offer adjoining rooms for parents with a few children or who may need an extra room for their special needs child.

4) Rooms that offer personal temperature controls are more comfortable for autistic children, whose internal body temps can be sensitive.

5) Hotel facilities that offer special touches, like iPod/MP3 docks, wireless internet and Nintendo games available on the television can make a child with autism happy doing things he or she might do for fun at home, like listen to familiar music or play familiar games.

6) Our Kelowna hotel offers a heated indoor mineral pool. The chemical-free properties of a mineral pool are better for the skin and eyes. Kids with autism can be especially sensitive to harsh chemicals and are much more comfortable in a mineral pool.

The Best Western Kelowna Hotel seeks to make our guests feel at home with us. These are just a handful of ways that traveling can be made less stressful for special needs kids and their families.

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