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Keep Your House Safe When Staying at our Kelowna Hotel

August 07, 2012

The plans are made and the vacation time booked off, and soon enough the bags will be packed and you’ll be heading to a Kelowna hotel for some R&R.  But before you leave for your summer “home away from home”, don’t forget about your actual home!  It’s important for every traveler to ensure the safety and security of their house while away, and our Kelowna hotel has some tips to help you do just that.


The lights are on but nobody’s home

Leaving a selection of lights on 24 hours a day may sound like you’re making an effort to disguise your absence, but there’s a couple things wrong with that.  First of all, it’s not very green!  And secondly, leaving lights on all night is just as much a red flag that you’re away as leaving all the lights off.  Solution?  Purchase a programmable light timer to schedule set times for lights to turn on and off, which even come in solar types to boost your green efforts and lower your electric bill at the same time.


Speaking of green efforts and energy savings…

Another great idea is to unplug air conditioners, electronics and appliances before you go to avoid unnecessary power consumption and costs, as well as possible power surges.  According to FortisBC, even though things may be turned off, they  still use power! 

Love thy neighbor

Dry gardens, a brown lawn, stacked up newspapers….a giveaway that you’re away.  Ask a friend, neighbor or family member  to  stop by daily to water the plants, collect the newspapers and make a presence at your humble abode. Don’t forget to  promise them a souvenir as thanks!

Simmer down on the social

Today’s world of social media allows people to share everything exciting in their lives, including an upcoming vacation.  Hotels in Kelowna are always happy to see guests “checking in” their properties on their Facebook page and being mentioned on Twitter, but telling the world your house is empty is not the wisest thing and may cause unwanted attention.  If you’re going away and you feel the need to rub it in to everyone you know, give a shout out to whoever will be looking after the place for you so everyone is aware that your house is not sitting vacant.


With a hotel in Kelowna stuck in your mind as a much needed vacation destination, it can be easy to overlook the safety and security of your house in your absence.  With these simple tips, have a peace of mind that it will be “home sweet home” upon your return.

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