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How to Tell if Your Fur Baby is Cut out for Kelowna Pet-Friendly Hotels

April 07, 2015

Pet Friendly Hotel Travel Dog
Some critters just have the disposition to enjoy life on the road as they head to one of their favourite Kelowna pet-friendly hotels.


You’ve heard of Kelowna pet-friendly hotels, but what if you own a pet that isn’t exactly hotel friendly? Another way to put that is: what if your pet isn’t the perfect traveling companion you think it is? Here’s a list of indicators that will help you determine whether your four-legged sidekick is cut out for life on the open road:


Opening the Car Door Makes Them Cringe

Many pets, particularly dogs, love riding in vehicles. You see them all the time with their heads dangling out a passenger window, gleefully taking in the blast of fresh air and all the wonderful scents carried with it. For other animals, a car ride is the last thing they want to do. Maybe it’s because they associate car rides with going to the vet, but some pets have strong reactions to vehicular travel:

  • Shaking
  • Vomiting/drooling
  • Urinating
  • Defecating
  • Howling/barking
  • Excessive panting
  • Restlessness


Alone Time Isn’t Necessarily a Good Time

Just like car rides can have polarizing effects on animals, so too can solitude. Certain pets will just curl up and get some shuteye when left to their own devices. Others are prone to panic attacks and can go a little bonkers. Many pet owners have returned home to find their place has been turned into bomb site—plants destroyed, furniture chewed and other evidence of destructive behaviour.

Now imagine leaving those same pets in an unfamiliar setting. Kelowna pet-friendly hotels strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all their guests—those on two legs and four—but sometimes 40-inch flat screen TVs and guest-controlled thermostats aren’t enough to placate some.


Can’t Tell the Difference Between a Lake and a Pool

As much as Kelowna pet-friendly hotels love seeing animals come through check-in with their families, there are certain on-site amenities that are human-only. If you own a water-loving dog, you might have to have a little heart-to-heart conversation when it comes time to explain that, no, they aren’t allowed in the hotel pool.


Your “Pet” Has Hooves, Horns and Eats Hay

For some, the meaning of the word “pet”—the noun, not the verb—is open for interpretation. As much as you love your prized Holstein cow or Suffolk sheep, it may not make the most suitable guest at even the most obliging of Kelowna pet-friendly hotels.


If you are bringing your pooch for your next visit to the Okanagan, check out this post for a convenient list of pet-friendly amenities and services: 5 Reasons You Should Bring Fido With You When Visiting a Kelowna Pet-Friendly Hotel.


Not sure if your critter is cut out for visiting Kelowna pet-friendly hotels? Call or email one of our friendly customer service agents for some helpful advice.

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