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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets from Your Dog-friendly Kelowna Hotel

December 12, 2014

Pet-friendly Kelowna Hotel

Keep your pup safe during the holiday season by following these safety tips compiled by pet lovers at our dog-friendly Kelowna hotel.


Setting up the Christmas tree, climbing the ladder to string the lights up outside the house, and braving the slick winter roads in search of the perfect gift all require a safe-thinking state of mind. However, tinsel, mistletoe, and sugary treats can pose a risk to your beloved Santa’s little helper. Your dog-friendly Kelowna hotel has put together some of the most important things to watch out for this holiday season so you can keep Fido safe.


Deck the halls, but maybe skip the boughs of holly this holiday season. If you can’t imagine Christmas without the holly, make sure it’s up off the floor and out of reach of your dog’s curious sniffer. Mistletoe, holly, and other festive plants are poisonous to pets, and should be put out as decorations cautiously.


Christmas baking is one of the best parts of the holiday season. The inviting smell of gingerbread men, the intoxicating smell of butter tarts, and the mouth-watering scent of fruit cake brings everyone into the kitchen for some sweet treat sampling, including the pets. It can be hard to say no to those adorable little puppy dog eyes, but sweets, especially chocolate, are a big no-no for pets.


Tinsel and twinkling lights are the perfect accessories to a well-decorated tree, but these little additions can be harmful to pets. Here at our dog-friendly Kelowna hotel, we’re using tree decorations safe for pets in our main lobby.

Curious puppies and tree-climbing kitties can easily swallow tinsel, knock down the tree, or break lights and baubles causing injuries to themselves or the kiddos. Making sure the tree is secure and the lights and decorations are out of reach of curious pets is necessary for keeping the whole family safe during the holiday season.


Turkey bones and other poultry bones may seem like the perfect treat for the dog, but these bones are bad news for puppies. The bones are brittle and break easily. This causes them to become lodged in the throat or stomach and can cause a lot of damage. Keep the turkey bones for soup stock and skip sharing them with the family pooch.


Seeing the sights with your four-legged family member is a great way to get some exercise and take a peek at the neighbour’s Christmas decoration display, but sometimes freezing temperatures and salt can be a hazard. If you’re not into the idea of making your best friend wear booties to protect their paws, be sure to thoroughly wipe the pads of their feet when you return home to avoid irritation from sidewalk salt.


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