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Flying with Christmas Presents

November 27, 2012

Stay at our Kelowna hotel for some Christmas Shopping
If you're flying somewhere for Christmas and you arrive well before Dec. 25, you might want to think about shopping on arrival instead of worrying about gifts getting lost or damaged on the plane.

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Heading home for the holidays on an airplane? How are you going to pack all those presents—the books for your niece and the decanter for your dad and that print for your brother?

Christmas travel is tough enough without having to worry about how you're going to pack presents for your flight. With these tips for flying with Christmas presents, you'll arrive at your in-laws (or at a quiet Kelowna hotel room of your own) with all your gifts intact.

Keep valuables in your carry-on luggage. Are you giving your sister a Gucci wallet, or your wife those diamond earrings? Play it safe and pack everything you'd be gutted to lose in your carry-on suitcase.

Don't wrap presents. You never know when a security officer might want to inspect your suitcase and have to tear through all that precious wrapping you did. If you need to pack wrapped presents, use gift bags so security can easily get to your goods.

Send big presents ahead. Couldn't resist the train set? Instead of paying hefty oversize and overweight fees at the airport, send big presents on the bus. Greyhound Courier Express in Canada offers affordable rates and same-day shipping to many destinations so you can ensure Alex will be able to open that tank engine first thing Christmas morning. Hopefully it's not at 5:12a.m. again this year.

Go for the gift cards. A stack of gift cards from all your family member's favourite stores can fit in single envelope and will weigh less than your toothbrush. Today, gift cards are a great way to let the people on your list pick out what they really want from their favourite stores.

Shop on arrival. If you land a few days before December 25 and you think pre-Christmas shopping is fun instead of scary, get those personal gifts once you get to the city where you're spending the holidays. As an added bonus, that way the gift recipient can easily make returns or exchanges.

Bring bags. Don't forget that as well as giving all those great gifts, you're going to get a few too. With some empty and collapsible bags on hand, you'll have room to get them all home.

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