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Kelowna Accommodations Tips: Choose the Best Hotel for You

August 31, 2017

Choosing Kelowna Accommodations

If you’re wondering which Kelowna hotels and motels are right for your next stay, we can help you narrow it down. 

Doing a quick online search for Kelowna accommodations can turn up a ton of different options. From motels to hotels to resorts, there’s no shortage of accommodations in the Okanagan valley. Because there are so many different types, it can be a little tricky trying to narrow down the list of potential options. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a quick and easy guideline to selecting the perfect place for you and your family to stay at.


Use the Sort and Filter Tools

When using TripAdvisor or some other Kelowna hotel reviews site, the filter tool can be a time saver and help you narrow down your options. If price is important to you, simply punch in your desired price bracket. This handy feature will filter out all of the accommodations that are above your desired price range.

Another neat feature that can be accessed with the filter tool is the amenities filter. If one of your must-haves includes WiFi or pool, you can narrow down the list to show only the hotels that have your required amenities. 

Once you’ve filtered out all the hotels that don’t meet your needs, sort them based on price or by rating. This will allow you to see which hotels are best suited for you and your family in ascending (or descending) order.


Use the Map Feature to Locate Kelowna Hotels and Motels

If you’ve already got a good idea of some of the activities you’ll be enjoying during your stay, the location of your potential hotel selection is important. If it’s centrally located and easily accessible to all the action, go ahead and book it. However, if it looks like it’s off the beaten path and on the other side of the city from where you’d like to be, you may want to skip it.

However, some exceptions to this rule may apply. If you know you’d like to take advantage of hotel-offered Okanagan wine tour packages, the location isn’t that important since the hotel will be arranging your transportation on your behalf. The same can be said for golf stays in Kelowna where the hotel is arranging all the details for you.  


Review the Reviews

While a hotel may appear like a good option based on its website, it’s really important to look for honest, unbiased reviews online. Sites like TripAdvisor can be really advantageous when it comes to seeking out potential accommodations. Make sure the reviews you read are current and speak to your upcoming travel situation. For example, if you’re travelling with kids or pets in tow, search for reviews that were written by travellers that also had their kids or pets with them. This will provide you with a really good sense of what you can expect during your stay.


For a little more insight into the importance of hotel reviews, check out our previous blog post: Hotel Review Tips: Kelowna Accommodations Near the Airport.


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