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Avoid Road Trip Pounds; Make Healthy Choices for Travel

July 17, 2012

Tasty at first but it won't feel too good in your gut.

It might be quick and tasty but it won't feel too good in the long run!
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 Have you ever dieted for weeks before an exciting vacation, only to come home heavier than you were before you left?

You aren’t alone! Many travelers find that once they get on the road, their ability to make healthy choices goes right out the window. There are a few reasons for this and ways you can combat traveler’s weight gain.

Avoid mindless snacking while driving. One of the things many people enjoy most about a road trip is shopping for car snacks. Unfortunately chocolate candies, cookies, and chips carry high amounts of saturated fat or trans fat. (The bad kind!)  Instead, you should make a trip to your grocery store and stock up on grapes, individually wrapped cheese sticks, baked crackers, and mixed nuts.

Resist the urge to get the jumbo, 44 oz. soda at the gas station. Make a healthier selection from the gas station or convenience store’s drink cooler. Flavored waters are a good choice if you have to get something from the gas station. Better yet, when you travel, bring a cooler of bottled water in your car. People often drink pop while driving from boredom and having lots of readily available water can still give you something to drink without the sodium and calories of soda.

Eat breakfast! A healthy breakfast before getting in the car for a road trip will fill your belly and help keep you from getting the mid-day munchies. A veggie-filled omelette, yogurt, fruit, and grainy cereal are all smart choices. The worst travel breakfast decision is a donut from your favorite coffee-stop. The donut turns into a lump of blah in your stomach and you’ll still end up looking for something to eat not long after.

Don't forget about the grocery store. Many people who travel forget that the towns they travel through have grocery stores available from which better choices for eating can be found. A deli-counter sandwich and some fruit from a grocer is a better decision than a greasy burger and fries.

If your destination hotel has a mini-refrigerator or microwave, you can bring food with you on your road trip. Your own healthy snacks, like microwave popcorn, can be easily packed and used in your hotel. At the Best Western Kelowna, we offer one and two bedroom suites with a kitchenette. A bigger room is sometimes worth the extra cost if you take advantage of the benefits.

Pre-planning and will-power, combined with these road trip food tips, can help you keep the pounds off that you worked so hard to lose before your vacation.


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