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Accommodation Kelowna: Business Trip Packing Tips

August 30, 2016

Kelowna airport hotels

If you plan on taking advantage of the kind of accommodation Kelowna business travelers write great reviews about, check out some of these packing tips before filling up your suitcase.

Now that summer holidays are over and all your vacation hours are pretty much used up, there’s something new to look forward to: business trips. Although they don’t hold the same appeal as vacationing does, business trips are still the next best approach to getting away from the office for a couple of days. Now that you’ve found the kind of accommodation Kelowna business guests prefer, it’s time to pack.

To save yourself some time and bring a bit of peace of mind, check out our business travel checklist before you start packing.


1. Hand sanitizer – As we approach colder weather, we also get closer to cold and flu season. If your business trip is jam packed with meetings and conferences, you won’t want to forget antibacterial hand gel. When it comes time to shake all those hands, you can take comfort in knowing you’re less likely to catch a virus.


2. A pocketsize notebook and pen – This may seem like a really obvious suggestion, but it’s amazing how many times you may find yourself without these two items when you desperately need them.


3. Business cards – Given the nature of your trip these are a no-brainer item to pack, and it’s pretty important you bring a sizeable bundle. In a conference-like setting, business cards can go pretty quick.


4. An extra pair of shoes – When travelling, it’s tough to plan ahead for weather conditions. Whether you’re staying at hotels in Kelowna for a day or a week, an extra pair of shoes can get you out of a wet-or-damaged-footwear bind.


5. Cell phone charger – Your phone is probably the single most important thing to bring with you on a business trip. In fact, it’s probably even glued to your hand. But the second most important thing you should bring is the charger. Without any juice, your most prized business possession is useless.


6. A USB flash drive – In the middle of networking, a flash drive can make you look like a hero. If a coworker needs information on the fly, you can whip out your zip stick and instantly provide whatever info they’re looking for.


7. Fill up your favourite carry-on bag – This tip can save you loads of time and even a couple dollars too. By using your carry-on bag instead of a suitcase, you can skip the baggage check line-ups before boarding your flight and breeze right out of the airport once you land. This will get you to your Kelowna airport hotels much quicker. Plus, you won’t have to pay any extra baggage fees. It’s a win-win all around.  


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