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A Pet Travel Checklist from Your Kelowna Pet-Friendly Hotel

March 25, 2013

Get your complimentary pet pack from your pet-friendly hotel in Kelowna

Traveling with your pet is easy when you include all the items on this handy pet travel checklist. Plus, when you stay at the Best Western Kelowna Hotel, you'll get a complimentary goodie bag for your pet!

(Photo by William J Sisti/Flickr)

If you’re traveling with a pet, arrive at your Kelowna pet-friendly hotel safely and stress-free with this handy pet travel checklist.

You might be surprised how much Barney or Ranger needs in his suitcase, but he’ll be a happy camper and you’ll be a happy pet owner if you remember to pack the necessities.

Here’s a pet travel checklist you can review before you hit the highway or board that plane for your pet-friendly hotel in Kelowna.

What to pack for your pet:

  • Food. Stock up on cans or bags of your pet’s regular foods so she’ll be able to eat for at least a few days in case something happens and you can’t get to a store for awhile to buy her brand of food.

  • Food dish and water bowl. He’ll adjust to your new locale easier with his usual dish if it’ll fit. If not, pet stores sell super-handy collapsible water bowls so you can save space.

  • Photo & identification. If you and Suzie get separated during your travels, it’ll be easy for you to ask guests and staff at hotels in Kelowna if they’ve seen her with a clear, colour photo in hand. A pet passport could come in handy if prepared ahead of time. You should also carry a slip of paper with her license, tattoo, and microchip numbers.

  • Can opener. You’ll need this if your pet eats canned food. This is an often forgotten tool when it comes to travel packing.

  • Medication. If Bailey is on heartworm pills or tick control, get to the vet before you leave to refill his medication. While you’re there, ask your vet if your pet is OK to travel. Some short-nosed dogs have trouble breathing at higher elevations, stressful situations and in the heat, and your vet might suggest it’ll be better for Bailey to stay back this trip.

  • Carrier or kennel. Some pet-friendly hotels in Kelowna ask you to put your pet in his kennel or carrier if you need to leave him in the room.

  • Litter box and scoop or plastic bags. Ensure a quick and easy clean-up after your pet does her business with these everyday must-have pet supplies.

  • Her bed. If your pet is particular about where she sleeps, bring along her bed or at least something that smells like home for her to lie on.

  • Extra towels and leashes will help you keep your pet dry and near your side.

Traveling via airplane or train with your pet? See our post on tips for traveling with Fido or Fluffy.


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