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8 Travel Tips to Make Your Next Vacation to Kelowna Pet-friendly Hotels a Breeze

October 15, 2014

Pet Friendly Hotel Kelowna vacation

When you finally make that Okanagan vacation a reality, read these eight travel tips so you can best enjoy your stay at Kelowna pet-friendly hotels.


This is the year you’re finally going to take that trip to the Okanagan—to ski or golf, sip wine or soak in the sun. Now it’s time to look for Kelowna pet-friendly hotels and plan that itinerary. Before booking your hotel and packing your bags, follow these eight tips so you can enjoy a smooth and relaxing Okanagan holiday.


1. Read traveler reviews.

Sites like TripAdvisor can become your best friend when looking for quality Kelowna pet-friendly hotels that meet your budget needs. You’ll get honest insights about the hotel’s amenities to avoid hotel remorse.


2. Update your Facebook status.

Asking your Facebook friends about hotels you’ve been looking at can be a quick and reliable way to determine which hotels are best for you. You might even pick up some insider tips on the best restaurants and hot spots to visit while in the Okanagan Valley.


3. Buy travel insurance.

Life can be unpredictable. You may have to change the dates of your travel or even cancel altogether. You may even get sick or break a leg on that black run while travelling or you miss your flight. Instead of facing cancellation charges, consider purchasing travel insurance.


4. Compare travel fares and be flexible.

If you’re travelling to the Okanagan via plane or bus, compare rates with different airlines. It also doesn’t hurt to be flexible with your vacation days. Sometimes travelling a day earlier or later than you had originally planned can save you a couple bucks.


5. Take suitcase shots.

If you’re checking a bag at the airport for your flight, take a picture of it. If the airline loses your bag, you can simply show them a picture rather than trying to describe all the memorable qualities about it.


6. Reap the rewards.

Many Kelowna hotels offer loyalty and reward programs. Even if you plan on spending only a few nights, join the rewards program. Most of them cost nothing to join, but can offer up discounted rooms or even free stays over time.


7. Download apps.

If you’re looking for a place to dine at, there’s an app for that. With so much information at your fingertips on your smart phone, take advantage of apps that can show you which restaurants have the highest reviews, best weekly specials, and relaxed atmospheres.


8. Do your research.

Taking some time to cruise the web for public forums or blogs can go a long way in planning the perfect vacation. Reading what the locals have to say about all the potential stops you’ve planned at your destination can weed out a lot of unnecessary day trips and wasted time.


If you’re planning the ultimate getaway with your pup in tow to one of the many Kelowna pet-friendly hotels in the Okanagan valley, take a peak at our blog, Road Trips with Pets: Tips for Traveling to Kelowna Hotels with Fido for even more effective travel tips.


When planning the perfect Okanagan getaway, consider the BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites, offering wine and golf packages, a grassy courtyard, free hot breakfast, and more.

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