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7 Tips for Travelling with Seniors to Hotels in Kelowna

November 21, 2014

Travelling with Seniors to Hotels in Kelowna

Travelling with your elderly relatives to hotels in Kelowna can be fun and rewarding when following these helpful tips.

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Travelling with your elderly parents to hotels in Kelowna can be a great bonding experience for both you and your family, and it can also give the kids some much-needed quality time together with grandma and grandpa. When packing up your bags—and in some cases, mom and dad’s too—follow these tips for traveling with seniors.


1. Prepare a combined pre-trip checklist

Let’s face it, you’ve got a packing list, the kids have a packing list, and your parents will definitely have one too. Combining all three checklists into one master list will make the process of filling up the suitcases much simpler.


2. Make copies of passports, healthcare cards, IDs, medical information, and any other important documentation

In the excitement of heading out on a family vacation, things can get left behind. Making photocopies of all the important documentation and keeping copies in each bag of luggage can lessen the burden a lost health care card or lost bag can cause. It’s also especially important to have prescriptions on hand in case of emergencies.


3. Do some pill counting

On average, a mature adult can take anywhere from one to five pills each day. Be prepared for your vacation by counting your senior travel companion’s pill supply to make sure they’ll have enough for the duration of the trip. Filling prescriptions abroad could throw a wrench in your holiday itinerary.


4. Look into health insurance and travel insurance

When travelling with seniors, always check into their health insurance and travel insurance policies. You’ll want to make sure their plans will cover them while travelling away from home. Also, knowing who to contact during an emergency where you’re staying can ease the process and provide medical care quicker. 


5. Pack your patience

Travelling with someone who can’t navigate through airport crowds the same way you can may be trying. By giving yourself lots of time to get to your destination, taking deep relaxing breaths, and keeping the destination-making fun, you’ll craft a much more enjoyable trip for everyone. 


6. Call ahead to the airlines, car rental companies, and hotels in Kelowna

By making the necessary arrangements for your mobility-challenged loved one ahead of time, you’ll make sure their needs are met while keeping everyone on schedule.


7. Share the decision-making with everyone

While travelling with your family, you may be used to making all the decisions about which hotels to stay at, which restaurants to eat at, or which vehicle to take. However, when travelling with seniors who enjoy their independence, you should be prepared to loosen the reigns and let them call some shots.


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