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5 Amenities to Search for When Booking a Kelowna Business Hotel

December 18, 2014

Kelowna Business Hotel Amenities

When booking a Kelowna business hotel for work or play, it’s important to find accommodations that meet all your needs.


When you’re planning a business trip, the hotel you book can become your office away from home with all your tech needs readily available at your fingertips. Before booking a Kelowna business hotel, make sure the hotel offers all or most of these must-have amenities for a relaxing and efficient stay.


Free, Secure, and Stable Wi-Fi

Although dial-up is a thing of the past and incredibly hard to come by, a strong Wi-Fi connection can be equally scarce, especially at hotels where dozens or hundreds of guests could be online at the same time. Setting up your laptop and arranging your files only to find out the Wi-Fi connection won’t work with you can really slow down progress.

Before booking your room, be sure to ask the front desk how reliable their Internet connection is. Our Best Western Kelowna Hotel offers ultra fast fibre optic Internet to ensure everyone can enjoy a fast connection all the time.


Lots of Plug-ins

Let’s face it—your job probably requires you to be technologically savvy. This means you’re probably packing a laptop, tablet, phone, and other gadgets with you when traveling for work. Having to unplug the alarm clock, the coffee maker, and the lamp closest to the bed to make room for all your devices isn’t ideal. Asking how many sockets are in the room you’re booking is another good question to ask at the time you make a reservation.



Some rooms cater to a more romantic type of holiday and may lack suitable lighting for working. Good lighting, especially while you’re digging through paper files or writing reports on your laptop, can take strain off the eyes and keep you alert longer.  


Adjustable Thermostats

Some older hotels stock their rooms with loud, clunky, outdated heaters and air conditioners. When these clang to life in the middle of the night, it can interrupt your sleep, and cause you to be drowsy for the big meeting the next day. A room that’s too cold or too hot can also interfere with your sleep or affect your productivity. Being able to control the thermostat from your own room is a big bonus to look for when looking for a Kelowna business hotel.


Early Check-in

If the hotel you’re booking offers early check-in, you might find you can take advantage of that, especially if you have some work to do before taking a client out to dinner. Being able to get into your room when you first arrive in town can keep you more productive and efficient than you would have been waiting in the lobby for your room to be ready.

Looking to combine your business trip with some vacation time on your next trip to a Kelowna business hotel? Read our post: The Savvy Way to Make Business Trips to Kelowna Hotels "Bizcations".



When searching for a Kelowna business hotel that satisfies all your business needs, consider the BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites, offering free hot breakfast, executive business suites, mineral pool, hot tub, fitness centre, and more.

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