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4 Reasons to Search for Kelowna Hotels Online Reviews

April 13, 2017

Kelowna Hotels Online Reviews

Before booking Kelowna hotels, do a quick search for online reviews first.

Before making a big purchase, many people will typically do a little research first. From scouring the Internet for online reviews to speaking with friends and family members, a lot of preparation is done before you even consider handing over your hard earned cash. Well, as it turns out, the same can be said for booking Kelowna hotels

Nearly 90 per cent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would personal recommendations. When there’s that much trust to be found in an online review, it’s no wonder why the best hotels in Kelowna work hard to ensure their reputations remain stellar. 

Here are a few reasons why you should spend a few extra minutes reading online reviews before heading off to a random hotel in Kelowna. 


1. Which Kelowna hotels to book?

Online searches can help you decide, especially if you’ve never been to the area. By clicking over to TripAdvisor and typing in Kelowna hotels, you’ll get a sneak peak at the highest rated hotels in the valley. 

The first thing you’ll see are the hotels with the highest ratings and the order in which they’re ranked. This is a great starting off point when looking for a family-friendly or pet-friendly Kelowna hotel.


2. Use online reviews to narrow down your options.

If you’ve got friends and family who have been to the area before, it’s likely that they’ve each got their own favourite hotels. 

To help you decide between the recommended hotels, plug each hotel into a search engine and sift through some online reviews. What works for one family, doesn’t necessarily work for another. 


3. Get a sneak peek at the state of the hotel amenities.

A lot of the online reviews you find will likely be very honest about what amenities the hotel offers. These reviews will typically include the cleanliness of the pool and exercise facilities, the state of the furniture in the rooms, and the cleanliness of the hotel in general. 

To make sure you’re not caught off guard or surprised when you arrive at check-in, take a few minutes to read the reviews. You’ll be so glad you did. 


4. Get to know the staff before you arrive.

One of the most common things you’ll find in an online review is a general telling of the atmosphere of a hotel. This includes the interactions that occurred with the staff members during the reviewer’s stay. 

For a completely comfortable stay, you’ll want to make sure the staff members are friendly and good at their jobs. If this is something you often wonder about, scour the online reviews to get a real sense of how the hotels rank in this category.   


If you’re still not sure which hotel to book, read our previous post for a little more direction: Accommodation Kelowna: The 5 Facilities to Look For


To next time you’re looking for a hotel in Kelowna, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Our online reviews are accurate and fair. We’ve also received many TripAdvisor awards for providing outstanding customer service. Put your trust in our online reviews and book your next stay today:1-888-860-1212

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