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4 Big Reasons to Choose Kelowna Hotels Near Airport

September 09, 2016

Kelowna hotels near airport

These four travel-savvy advantages will have you booking your next Okanagan stay at Kelowna hotels near airport runways.

One of the most exciting parts of planning a trip is choosing a hotel to stay at. After looking at reviews online and searching for hotels that offer up the best amenities, you may have found yourself torn between at least two Kelowna accommodations to choose from. To help you with your check-in decision, we’ve compiled a list of the four most advantageous reasons to stay at Kelowna hotels near airport facilities.  


1. Sleep in, Kind of

Imagine spending the last day of your vacation enjoying the sights without having to worry about calling it a night before you’re ready just because of your early morning flight. If you book your stay at Kelowna hotels near airport services, you can spend more time cuddling in bed and less time waiting for a cab and travelling to the airport. Heading home after an action-filled vacation fully rested will make the transition back to reality easier on you and your loved ones.


2. Save Some Cash

Everyone knows that travelling and vacationing expenses can add up quickly. By choosing Kelowna accommodations that are close to the airport, you can easily save money. A cab ride to or from a hotel located on the opposite side of the city can run you anywhere from $20 to $60. And that’s just a one-way fare. Some Kelowna hotels near airport hubs even offer complimentary airport shuttle services to really help you keep your travel expenses down.

For a more detailed breakdown of how complimentary airport shuttle services typically work, take a look at our previous post: Complimentary Airport Shuttle: Getting to Kelowna Airport Hotels Just Got Easier.     


3. Enjoy the Paper with Your Breakfast

Another advantageous reason for staying at a Kelowna hotel that’s located close to the airport is a leisurely breakfast. Besides sleeping in a little longer, you can treat yourself to a quiet and relaxing breakfast before departing to the airport. Grab the local paper, a steaming cup of coffee (or two!), and spend a little time dining at your leisure. Once it’s time to go to the airport, you’ll be relaxed and ready to face the crowds of fellow travellers with a smile on your face. Many hotels even offer complimentary breakfasts to really brighten up your day.


4. Skip Rush Hour Traffic 

If you’ve ever arrived at your travel destination during rush hour, you know the local traffic can increase your travel time substantially. Rush hour traffic can be inconvenient when you’ve been travelling all day and just want to get to your hotel to unwind, or when you’re headed back to the airport extra early to catch your departing flight home. Either way, staying at a hotel located close to the airport will help you avoid these uncomfortable scenarios altogether.  


Looking for a Kelowna hotel located close to the airport? Consider the award-winning Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. We offer competitive rates, outstanding service, a complimentary airport shuttle, and a free hot breakfast buffet. Call us today to book your next stay: 1-888-860-1212

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