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3 Ways to Mix Business with Pleasure at Kelowna Hotels

April 30, 2015

Doing Business Kelowna Hotel

Business travel at Kelowna hotels shouldn’t be all about work. It’s important to take time to unwind from your busy schedule.

People who visit Kelowna hotels on vacation might not understand this, but traveling for business can be a bit of a grind. Both will have access to the same amenities at a hotel, but the difference for the business traveler is it could be their fifth hotel stay of a month-long trip, at which point the process can start to feel a little repetitive.

For business travelers that are struggling to keep a positive outlook while on the road, here are a few helpful suggestions that’ll break up the monotony of a trip:


1. Make Time to Be a Tourist

It would be a shame if you were to stay at a Kelowna hotel on business and didn’t partake in any of the endless year-round activities available here. If you’re schedule permits it, planning to arrive early or stay late is a great way to enjoy attractions such as:

  • Golf: With nearly 20 courses within a short drive of most Kelowna hotels, you could easily squeeze in morning or afternoon round on one of the pristine championship courses. You could even rent clubs to cut back on your travel load.
  • Wine tour: Get some fresh air in the open countryside and sip on some of the delectable varietals this region has to offer. And bring home a bottle or two as a memento you can share with your other half.
  • Skiing: Sneak up to Big White for an early-morning session on the slopes. You could easily be back in time for your afternoon meetings.


2. Make it a Family Affair

If you’re away from home for long stretches at a time, why not make time to reconnect with them on the road. Bringing your family to where you’re working for a mini-holiday is a great way to recharge your batteries. You can plan activities around your work schedule, and they can venture out and discover the Okanagan for themselves while you’re busy.


3. Pamper Yourself

Is the stress of daily deadlines, constant meetings and consecutive days without seeing your family or sleeping in your own bed starting to get to you? Many Kelowna hotels have amenities that’ll reinvigorate your body and refocus your mind:

  • Wellness spa: Book a relaxing massage and other full-body treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
  • Fitness centre: If massage isn’t your thing, then maybe a lung-busting session on the elliptical trainer is what you need to blow off some steam.


4. A Friendly Reunion

You’d be surprised at just how many people you might know in a city you’re visiting on business. Social media is truly making the world feel like a smaller place, as it keeps friends and family more closely connected than every before. So, if you’re visiting the Okanagan for a series of meetings, why not throw it out there on Facebook and see who’s around and who wants to meet up?


For additional business travel advice, read 5 Amenities to Search for when Booking a Kelowna Business Hotel.


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