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3 Tips for Safe Travelling to Hotels in Kelowna This Holiday Season

November 26, 2014

Safe travels to Hotels in Kelowna

Follow these top three travel tips to help make sure your family arrives safely at hotels in Kelowna.


Snow, ice and sleet can be expected if you’re driving through one of the mountain passes on your way to hotels in Kelowna during the holiday season. Follow these travel tips when heading out to help make sure you and your family arrive at your destination safely and in good spirits, even if the roads are bleak. 


Prep the car

If you’re traveling to hotels in Kelowna by car from Vancouver or Calgary, make sure your vehicle is winterized. Start with tires bearing the mountain snowflake symbol (winter tires or all-weather tires) and inflated to the recommended PSI. You’ll also want to top up your fluids, particularly your wiper fluid, which you tend to use a lot of on the highway, and maybe consider winter wiper blades. If you don’t already have one, pack an emergency kit, extra food and blankets, flares and cat litter to give you traction in case you get stuck.

Before you leave the driveway, be sure to check BC road conditions and Environment Canada’s weather alerts to make sure it’s a good day to travel.


Spread the word

The highways to hotels in Kelowna can be full of black ice, snow, and slush during the holiday season. Before heading out on your epic family adventure, tell your closest friends and family members where you’re headed, how you’re getting there, and when you’re expected to arrive. Also, set up a time when you’re going to phone or text your loved one to let them know you’ve arrived safely. If they don’t hear from you at the agreed upon time, they can start making calls in case there’s been an emergency.


Leave a light on

You’ve no doubt seen the movie Home Alone and laughed along with your kiddos while Macaulay Culkin tortures the no-good trespassing holiday thieves, but home invasions and robberies can happen in real life—especially during the holiday season. When heading out of town, leave a porch light on or park a car in the driveway. Visual clues that let onlookers know someone’s home could prevent a home break-in and keep you and your family’s vacation plans on track.

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