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10 Tips to Jump Start Your Dream Vacation

June 11, 2012

Running your fingers along the bricks of the Great Wall of China; The snuffly breath of an elephant on your arm in India; A mist of water spray on your cheek as you lean over a sailboat on the Aegean Sea...


We all have that dream vacation experience that plays in our minds from time to time. Why not take some action steps to make that dream become reality? Here are 10 things you can do to begin.

1. Buy a travel book for the country or area you want to go; there is something tangible about holding a travel book in your hand. It gives you a thrill—a jolt of reality—that surfing the internet doesn’t quite do. So although you may get a lot of info from the internet, buy a travel book to keep on your bedside table. 

2. Contact travel agents in the country or city and ask for maps, brochures, any hard copy guides they are willing to send. Again, having books and maps that you can physically touch will make the trip begin to seem real!

3. Looking at the guides, books, and internet, brainstorm the things you’d like to do on your trip. What are the ‘must-dos,’ what are the ‘maybes if budget allows’?

4. Identify the airlines that fly there. Use or other cheap air flight websites to gain an idea of how much it costs to get there. If your dream spot is driving distance, does it make more sense to drive or fly?

5. Based on what you want to do, determine the minimum number of days you’ll need to stay.


6. Look up lodging options for the area. Hotels, motels, hostels, B&Bs—the price can vary greatly between options and can make all the difference in bringing your dream to life.

7. If your dream location is in a foreign country, figure out the currency exchange. It will help you determine how much you’ll need for daily costs.

8. Begin to read travel blogs of other travelers who have gone to your dream spot. You’ll learn a lot about culture, the people, and the heartbeat of the city.

9. Quite simply, begin to save. If you’ve followed the above tips, you’ll have a clear picture of how much money you’ll need for your dream vacation. Open a savings account and begin to stash your cash. Each week, put as much as you reasonably can towards your trip.

10. Talk about your trip with friends and family. Share what you learn and let them know what you plan to do while there. Make it real.
These steps will move your dream trip from “someday” to a day much nearer in your future. Be sure and send us pictures when you get there!

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