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Accommodation Kelowna: Why Vinos Love Autumn Vineyards

October 21, 2016

Kelowna wine

If you’re planning a trip to the kind of accommodation Kelowna wine enthusiasts flock to, check out why you should make a reservation during the autumn months. 

With a population of over 123,000, it’s easy to see why so many people love living in and visiting Kelowna. Although the summer months seem to attract the largest amounts of visitors, many people, especially wine lovers, choose to stay in Kelowna during the off-season too. Mild winters, year-round wine tastings, and nearby skiing resorts are just a few of the activities you can take part in while returning to the accommodation Kelowna frequenters book all year long. If you’re wondering what attracts wine lovers to Kelowna during the autumn months, we’ve got two words for you: fall wineries.


The View

We don’t have to tell you why the views during the autumn months are so spectacular. Red, gold, orange, green – it’s all there to paint a picturesque scene some people only ever experience on postcards. Combine the stunning fall foliage with impressive lake views, rolling mountainsides, and a variety of award-winning Kelowna wine, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect fall outing.


The Wine Festivals

After a successful year of growing and harvesting varietals, it’s time to celebrate, and the Okanagan Wine Festival knows how to do it right. If you’re in town during this time, make sure to stop in at some (or all!) of the events. And the best part of all is most of these events are located close to many of the accommodation Kelowna hot spots, so you can have as much fun as you like and still be within walking distance of your hotel.

For a more in-depth review of some of the events that make this festival so fantastic, check out our previous post: Celebrate the Fall Wine Fest at Your Hotel in Kelowna.  


The Ice Wine

If you time your trip just right, you might be lucky enough to visit a vineyard that’s right in the middle of perfecting their ice wine. Although grapes look delicious when they’re ripe on the vine ready to be plucked, the look of plump, juicy grapes with a coat of frost clinging to them is almost even more appealing. Perfect for the connoisseur with a sweet tooth, ice wines produced in the Okanagan are some of the finest in the country.


The Food

As the weather gets a little cooler, people start looking for comfort food to help warm them up. This phenomenon also lines up perfectly with the harvest season, which is good news for all foodies. Many of the local wineries in the Okanagan change their menus to feature fresh, local ingredients that focus on harvest food and pair really well with their varietals. If you live for fantastic food and delicious wine, fall is the perfect time to visit winery restaurants.


Are you looking for the kind of accommodation Kelowna oenophiles prefer? Choose the Kelowna Best Western Hotel & Suites. We offer packages for Okanagan wine tours, an attached restaurant that offers fresh, local cuisine and wine pairings, and an outdoor hot tub perfect for relaxing in after a long day of touring and tasting. Call us to book your next stay: 1-888-860-1212.

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