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4 Reasons to Stay at Kelowna Hotels After Labour Day

September 01, 2015

Apple Fruit U-Pick Kelowna

Many people who stay at Kelowna hotels in September take advantage of the local apple harvest and other late-summer attractions.

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There’s no denying that the Okanagan Valley shines brightest in summer. Few locations in Canada boast the terrific weather and abundance of sightseeing and outdoor activities this region offers. However, once Labour Day comes and goes, the number of visitors to the area decreases a little, making it an ideal time to book a stay at one of the Kelowna hotels in the city.

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in September, and if you prefer things to be on the quieter side, then it’s the perfect time of year to reconnect with the region, or explore it for the first time. Here are some of the things we love most about a late-summer adventure from the hotels in Kelowna.


1. Weather

Daytime temperatures can still easily top 30 degrees Celsius in September, and nights are blissfully cool. You might need to bring a hoodie or wear pants when you venture around downtown in the evening in search of a place to grab dinner, but that’s about all the outdoor survival gear you’ll need.

There’s no need to rush out and do all of your sightseeing in the morning before the sun gets too hot (like you might in mid-July). Plus, outdoor activities requiring physical exertion are more manageable for the regular Joe.


2. The Harvest Continues

Produce is bountiful in the Okanagan. Pretty much everywhere you look there’s an orchard producing fruit of some description. The harvest and availability of fruit u-pick in Kelowna begins in June with cherries and carries right on through to September when the apples and grapes start coming in from the fields.

This is a great time of year to visit the local vineyards as you get to see them in full harvest-mode.


3. It’s a Little Quieter

While it might slow down in the low season, Kelowna never truly turns into a ghost town. As the largest centre in the Interior, it’s just too large to go dormant.

But with the kids back in school and fewer RVs on the road, life certainly returns to a more leisurely pace compared to the always-bustling summer months. Many visitors specifically choose this time of year to stay at Kelowna hotels for that very reason.

  • The traffic is lighter
  • Lineups are shorter
  • Beaches and parks are less crowded
  • Fewer boats on the lake
  • It’s easier to get into restaurants without reservations


4. Hockey is Back

The Kelowna Rockets, runners-up at the 2015 Memorial Cup, are back on the ice as they prepare to defend their WHL title. Pre-season games are happening all month, with the regular season set to start on Friday, Sept. 25 against the rival Kamloops Blazers at Prospera Place.

For things to look forward to as we head into autumn, read our post: Fall into Fun with Our Kelowna Hotel.


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