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5 Ways to Wow Attendees with Business Meeting Venues

July 19, 2017

Great business meeting venues

The right meeting room rental can make a big impact on your meeting attendees.   

Face-to-face meetings are becoming scarcer in today’s workforce. Because of the ease of accessing virtual meetings and working remotely, many employees are missing out on the experience of an old fashioned meeting. With that in mind, many meeting and event planners are searching for local meeting rooms that offer more of an experience for their attendees. In their hunt for the perfect experience, many organizers are incorporating the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound.

If you’re organizing a meeting for your colleagues, we’ve compiled some of our favourite ways to give a typical meeting a little boost.


1. Incorporate the Senses

You know how the smell of potpourri always takes you back to your grandmother’s house? Well, using that same technique, you can create a memorable meeting. By arranging a meeting that incorporates all of the five senses, you’ll actually be creating memories that give your guests a lasting impact.

Try this: Select menu items and refreshments that are fragrant and allow your attendees sufficient periods of time for team-building and connecting. You can also incorporate visual presentations and safe-for-work music during breaks.


2. Emphasize the Goals

When planning an engaging meeting, it’s important to keep meeting goals at the forefront. Keep agenda items prevalent, derail any activities that distract, and try to keep the scheduled breaks to a minimum.

Try this: Draft up a schedule ahead of time that incorporates enough breaks to keep your attendees alert, but not distracted. Consult with the event planning team responsible for the business conference room you’ve booked. They will most likely have some suggestions to help you out.


3. Incorporate Team-Building Exercises

One of the best ways to encourage engagement among your meeting attendees is to provide opportunities to strengthen their team-building skills. In fact, team-building activities are considered to be one of the most important aspects of creating a successful experience-driven event.

Try this: Get your group working together by having them create a skit, recreating a work situation, taking a cooking class together, or solving a puzzle. Exit in Kelowna provides a great location for team building and strengthening exercises, and it’s centrally located to many great business meeting venues.


4. Create a Project-Based Event

Another really great way of encouraging engagement within your team is to have them produce something tangible before the end of the meeting. Break up your meeting into sections. For each section, guide your attendees through a step in the creation process. Encourage them to ask questions along the way. Try to allow time for them to put what they’ve learned into practice before moving onto the next step.

Try this: If your group is made up of programmers, have them create a new game or program. For a marketing group, ask them to come up with a new campaign. For administrative professionals, have them come up with a new policy or procedure.


Are you looking for a meeting room rental to put these experience-driven ideas to the test? Our previous post can help you find one: 6 Tips for Picking Hotel Meeting Rooms & Conference Venues


If you’re searching for a room that can help deliver a more memorable meeting, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Our meeting and event planning team can get you set up in a room perfect for your upcoming meeting or event. Call our team today: 1-888-860-1212

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