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We Mean Clean - Our Kelowna Hotel Has a Secret Weapon

January 31, 2012

You may not see them, but that's because they're too busy fighting grime...

Ever wonder how a hotel guest room bed is made so precisely that you hesitate before pulling back the covers and ruining the perfection? Or how that perfect little point came to be on the end of the toilet paper roll in a hotel bathroom?  Well, there's a secret most hotels in Kelowna have and we're about to share it with you...these phenomena are not magic; they're the work of hardworking housekeeping staff!

 You see them in the halls, pushing huge carts stacked high with pristine linens, cleaning supplies and toiletries, heading to transform yet another hotel guest room into a clean oasis for the next guest. You smile, say good morning (briefly eyeing the stack of complimentary pens) and drag your suitcase to the front desk. There you check-out, have a friendly chat about your stay, and go on your way. Little did you realize that in the hall, you just encountered some of the most amazing people at that Kelowna hotel!


 Ok, we may be getting a bit carried away, but we're very proud of the behind-the-scenes staff who help our Kelowna hotel make every guest experience the best it can be, and we feel the need to let you know all about them! Since being a hotel means we're bustling with activity 24 hours a day, we need to be on top of everything and have the people to be on top of everything. We're kind of like a big (earth-friendly) well-oiled machine, with each staff member having a part to make things run smoothly.  Our housekeepers are considered our secret weapon – the "mean green cleaning" part of our well-oiled machine.  Dirt beware.


 At the Best Western Kelowna Hotel, our detailed policies and procedures make sure that no germ is overlooked, no dust bunnies exist, and no hair is left behind (Insert cringe here).  We take every step, like putting Clean Remotes® in each guest room, to ensure supreme cleanliness!  In addition to our love for clean, our passion to continue to be known as Kelowna's "Green" Hotel has inspired us to use only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and laundry detergents. (Do you know how awesome vinegar is at cleaning glass and mirrors?!)  They give "fresh" a whole new meaning.


  The next time you stay at our Kelowna hotel, take a moment to admire the perfectly folded bath towels and revel in the lovingly plumped pillows on the bed. Some dedicated member of the Best Western Kelowna Hotel housekeeping staff did that.  Just for you.


 Do you have any stories to share of exceptional staff you encountered on your last stay at our Kelowna hotel? Tell us on Facebook! (We give out extra complimentary pens to people who share.)


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