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Tips to Beat the Bulge While Traveling to Your Kelowna Business Hotel

January 09, 2015

Get fit during business trip at your hotel in Kelowna

Our Kelowna business hotel has some great tips and resources to help you reach your healthy weight New Year’s resolutions even if you do a lot of business travel.

The festive season is always full of family, cherished memories and feasts fit for royalty, but the holiday season can also leave you with some extra unwanted pounds. If achieving a healthy weight despite business travel is part of your New Year’s resolution, follow these tips to stay on track even while en route to your Kelowna business hotel

Do Some Research

If you’ve got your eye on a Kelowna business hotel, browse the website or phone ahead before booking to find out if they offer a complimentary fitness centre or pool. Ask what kind of equipment they offer and find out what hours you can access these amenities.

Squeezing in a quick run or some refreshing laps around the pool will help keep you focused on your newfound goals to ditch the extra inch (or two). Our Best Western Kelowna hotel offers complimentary access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility, in-house spa, and mineral pool.

Pack Fitness Smart

Tossing your yoga mat or some resistance bands into your suitcase can also help keep you focused. Sometimes just the sight of your fitness equipment will be motivation enough to stick to your exercise regime while not at home.

Skip the Cab

If you’re stepping out for dinner or to do some shopping, check the map or call the front desk. If the distance to your desired destination is only a couple of blocks away, consider walking. Not only will you get a chance to explore a new city on foot, you’ll lose weight while doing it. At our Best Western hotel in Kelowna, that’s easy to do because we’re conveniently located near dozens of great restaurants, mall, and the farmer’s market.

Take the Stairs

If your room is located anywhere above the first floor, take the stairs. This way you won’t have to wait for the elevator, and you can feel better about getting in a little exercise without even trying too hard or taking up much extra time. If you’ve rented a car, consider parking further from the lobby of the hotel. Your car is less likely to get dinged by opening doors from other motorists and you’ll squeeze in a brisk walk.

Hit the Hill

Kelowna is home to some amazing ski runs. Head up to Big White Ski Resort to shed some unwanted pounds while shredding through some first-class powder. Combining fun with exercise is the best way to get fit and keep the weight off.

If you’re on the hunt for a Kelowna business hotel offering a state-of-the-art fitness centre to help keep you buff while away from home, consider the BEST WESTERN KELOWNA Hotel & Suites, also offering a mineral pool, wellness spa, and two hot tubs.

Looking for more fun ways to sneak in some exercise while traveling to your Kelowna business hotel? Check out our post: Winter Activities for the Whole Family in Kelowna.

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