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The Daytrip of Your Dreams: From your Kelowna Hotel to Space and Back

February 16, 2013

Best Western Kelowna Hotel asks: Is a vacation in space on your bucket list? Well, you’re in luck. If you have $100,000, that is.

Start your holiday planning with a search for hotels in Kelowna so you can enjoy the Okanagan—a down to earth destination if there is one—and end your itinerary with a jaunt in space, 100,000 kilometres above earth.

That’s right, in less than a year you’ll have not just one but two options for travel to the final frontier.

The Canadian tourism agency Uniktour has just announced it will compete against Virgin Galactic to offer space travel by 2014. Uniktour, based in Montreal, has teamed up with XCOR Aerospace and Space Expedition Corp. to offer private travel to space-bound Canadians.

What does a trip to space with Uniktour entail?

The Package: Lynx Mark I
The Cost: $95,000
The Destination: 60,000 kilometres above earth
The Voyage: A 45-minute flight and 3-4 minutes to experience weightlessness in space

The Package: Lynx Mark II
The Cost: $100,000
The Destination: 100,000 kilometres above earth
The Voyage: A 60-minute flight and 5-6 minutes to experience weightlessness in space



Space travel voyages booked through Uniktour launch from the Mojave desert, but fares don’t include travel from your hotel in Kelowna to California. You will, however, receive personal astronaut training. And, once you’re in the tiny space shuttle, it’s just you and a pilot bound for space. The shuttles will make four trips daily.

Virgin Galactic’s suborbital trips, however, will take six tourists into space once a day, and cost nearly $200,000.

How will the rest of us be spending our holidays this year? Check out our post on the top travel trends for 2013.


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