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How Smart Suitcases Might Make Travelling to Kelowna Accommodations Smarter

November 16, 2014

Bag2Go makes travelling to Kelowna accommodations a breeze

En route to your Kelowna accommodations, the smart suitcase weighs itself, tracks itself, and charges your devices all with the touch of your finger.

Product photo from Airbus Bag2Go. Bag2Go Official Website


Packing your bags for your next vacation to Kelowna accommodations just got a whole lot easier. With the introduction of the new smart suitcase, travel experts say you're going to save time and even money on your next holiday.


How Does the Smart Suitcase Work?

The smart suitcase instantly connects to an app on your smart phone, and it's also equipped with a GPS tracking device. This helps you stay in control of your luggage at all times en route to Kelowna accommodations so you can always rest easy knowing where your bags are.

Imagine this: you're running late for your flight so you frantically shove as much clothing as you can into your bag, grab your keys, and dart out to your car. You've managed to find a decent parking stall in the long-term lot giving you a few minutes to spare. Before leaving your car for the check-in line, pull the suitcase handle up and the bag will automatically weigh itself. Overweight? No problem, just pull a few extra shirts out and leave them in your car to avoid paying any extra fees at check-in. How brilliant is that?


The Suitcase That Doubles as a Charger

Maybe in your haste to pack up quickly and make your flight on time you forgot to charge your phone or pack your phone charger. Just simply plug your smart phone into the integrated charger on your smart suitcase. Another win for the smart suitcase.


GPS Location & Security

Instead of keeping a vice-like grip on the handle of your suitcase to make sure it doesn't wander off or get picked up mistakenly by another passenger, let go of the handle and relax your hand. The app on your phone will tell you where the suitcase is at all times. In fact, the suitcase is even password-protected and can be unlocked by entering the passcode into the app. Wondering what happens if your phone battery dies and you can enter your passcode?  There is a special back-up key that comes with the suitcase in case the phone battery dies before or after your stay at your Kelowna accommodations.


Added Security

Enabling the passcode on your Bag2Go is just one way to keep your luggage secure. With the iPhone app, you can also see when your luggage was last opened and monitor its loading status and location.

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