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Hot Dogs in New York or Hotels in Kelowna: Best Travel Apps

February 04, 2013


All those questions—Where is my...? What’s that in dollars? Which street again...?—are answered in seconds with today’s super-handy travel apps. Whether you’re looking for hotels in Kelowna or restaurant reviews in Toronto, there’s an app that will make your travel experience a breeze.

Available for free on most smartphones, here are some of 2013’s must-have apps for travelers:

Quickly Convert Foreign Prices Into CAD

It's easy when you're on holiday to forget the relative worth of a market pashmina or a cigar factory tour. With the XE Currency App, you can quickly convert any currency into dollars. Plus, this app uses real-time exchange rates so you know how much money you're really talking for those big purchases.
XE Currency Converter | Best Western Kelowna Hotel
XE Currency Converter App 


Speak the Language

Ready to order pad Thai in Thai? The next time you're in a non-English-speaking country, be sure to download Google Translate. With the ability to translate between 50 languages, read foreign scripts, type or speak words for phrases and function in conversation mode for ongoing translation, this app lets you really engage with the locals.
Google Translate App | Best Western Hotels in Kelowna
Google Translate App


Be Your Own Weatherman

With the Weather Channel’s app, you can find out the forecast for the next hour or the next 10 days so you can plan the best activities to suit the weather. Gray, rainy and chilly days are great for shopping and museums; hot afternoons are all about the beach!
Weather Network App | Best Western Kelowna Hotel
XE Currency Converter App


Decide Where to Eat and Play

Need a tooth pulled pronto? Or a theatre to give your sightseeing feet a rest? Pack Yelp for your mobile on your next trip so you can quickly scour reviews and location information for doctors, restaurants, internet cafes and more. You’ll also get previews of hotspots with photos and Yelp posts tips as well as deals so you can spend your traveling budget wisely. Looking for hotels in Kelowna? Check out fellow traveler’s recommendations for the BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites.
Yelp App | Best Western Kelowna Hotel
XE Currency Converter App


Find Anything Fast, Offline

You can’t always count on a connection and probably don’t want to pay heft roaming fees. The OffMaps 2 app lets you download maps for your destination ahead of time so you can search streets and points of interest at your leisure. OffMaps also gives you restaurant recommendations and Wiki articles to enhance your sightseeing experience.
OffMaps 2 App | Best Western Kelowna Hotel
XE Currency Converter App

Looking for the ultimate app for foodies on the road? Check out our post on the top restaurant review sites for travelers.

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