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Luggage Trends You’re Going to Love

December 13, 2012

They’re lighter, they’re brighter, and they must be better. Travelers everywhere are swapping their clunky canvas suitcases for the latest in luggage trends.

In the last two years, luggage companies have been scrambling to make suitcases and bags that accommodate airlines’ rising baggage fees and consumers’ desire to stand out.

Whether you’re preparing for your own winter travel to a Kelowna hotel, or you’re thinking about putting a luggage set under the tree for someone else, take a look at these fantastic new baggage trends and options.

Hard shell. Suitcases made of a polycarbonate shell have actually been on the market for almost 10 years. Today, they’re one of the most popular choices because they’re lightweight, durable and flexible. No fabric snags, no ripped zippers, no crushed shampoo bottles. Plus, some are even expandable. What you want to check is whether the shell is 100 % polycarbonate (the most durable form) or a polycarbonate compound (weaker, less expensive).

Spin class. Today’s suitcases come on four or more wheels, allowing travelers to ‘spin’ their suitcase in any direction in nanoseconds. That’s right, no more wrestling to turn around in the airport when you change your might about that last coffee. Some suitcases also offer larger rear wheels for better balance. The Victorinox (Swiss Army) Global Spectra features eight wheels for flawless 360 degree turns.

This suitcase, made by Swiss Army's Victorinox, comes with eight wheels for easy spinning as well as a durable hard shell and a built-in lock.

Plaid is the new black. Few travelers sport a boring black luggage set anymore. Most travelers know their suitcase as soon as they see it careening down the baggage carousel because it’s pink, neon plaid, or a print inspired by a Havana painting. It’ll save you time to have a suitcase that stands out, but it’s also a fun way to express your individuality.

Changing shape. Like everything else in your life, you want options. Bigger one day, smaller the next. Most suitcases, even those hard polycarbonate shell versions, offer the option to expand. What’s new is that some also let you shrink your suitcase. Biaggi just released its new line of foldable luggage. Yes, it folds into itself for easy storage. Check out Biaggi’s video, Welcome to the Fold.

The Biaggi foldable bag made it's carry on even better—now it shrinks so you can store it easily.

Sport-worthy. You won’t have to chew your nails wondering if your new driver or your board will survive the flight. Samsonite makes a super-sturdy hard shell golf cover case for your golf getaways. Grit sells heaps of their Hockey Tower equipment bag on wheels which comes with a spot for your stick and ports for your blades. Most sporting good stores now carry an array of bags specific to each sport. See our post on tips for traveling with winter sports gear.

With pockets for your blades and straps for your stick, this upright hockey bag by Grit is just one of many made by luggage companies to suit your sport.

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