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Kelowna Pet Friendly Hotels: The Ultimate in Pawsitive Reinforcement

May 30, 2015

Hotel pet-friendly dog training

Rather than rewarding your dog’s good behaviour with a biscuit, why not consider staying with them at Kelowna pet friendly hotels.

Rewarding your pets for good behaviour is textbook training. If they do something good, you reinforce the action with a treat, perhaps a milkbone, a nice belly rub or even something as simple as verbal praise. But for those times when Fido really gets it right, why not go all out and treat them to a stay at one of the Kelowna pet friendly hotels in the area?

For the overly rational thinkers out there, this might not seem like an effective training tool. In fact, some might even call it absurd. Their argument will be that plying Rex with room service and 180-degree views of the city will be wasted on him, even if he did save a family in a burning building.

They’ll point out obvious things such as:

  • The average dog has the intelligence of a 2-year-old (learning 165 words is actually pretty impressive)
  • The deed (saving the family) and the reward (stay at pet friendly hotel) are too far apart to be connected
  • Dogs don’t know how to order room service

But what they don’t understand—especially if they aren’t pet owners—is that dogs are like family members to a lot of people. Many owners will treat their dogs as well as, if not better than, their kids. Call it irrational, call it quirky and call it downright bizarre, but that’s the way it is in some households.

If you fall into that category and you happen to be looking for an excuse to get out on the open road with your canine compadre, try these on for size.


Graduation Time

Whether it’s puppy class or obedience school to correct naughty behaviour in older dogs, this represents a huge milestone in both your lives. Your pooch may have just learned the basic commands—sit, stay, come, heal, lie down etc.—or your instructor may have finally helped them overcome their fear of water. Either way, it’s a time to celebrate.


Potty Training

This should be a given before bringing your dog for a stay at any pet friendly hotel, but for a dog that’s just learned the art of doing its business outdoors (instead of the living room rug), it’s a big deal. It means you no longer have to set your alarm for those 2 a.m. wakeups to let your pup outside to relieve itself. That alone is worth a holiday.


New Additions to the Family

If you think pregnancy is difficult for humans, try having a litter of 10 pups. They’ll constantly badger their poor mother for milk and she has to maintain constant vigil as they explore their new surroundings. Once they’re weaned and off to new homes, she’d probably appreciate some ‘me-time’ and relaxing getaway.


For a list of fun, dog-friendly activities during your stay, read Pet Friendly Kelowna Hotels & Attractions for Your Pooch.

Are you traveling with your dog and in need of accommodation at Kelowna pet friendly hotels? BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites offers comfortable, pet-friendly rooms, as well as a number of (human-only) amenities such as a fitness centre, pool, Wellness Spa, restaurant and pub.

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