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Visiting Kelowna Pet Friendly Hotels: Why Dogs Are Good Travel Buddies

February 24, 2016

Pet Friendly Travel Hotels

There are several Kelowna pet friendly hotels in the area that will provide accommodation for you and your four-legged traveling companion.

When people talk about travel companions, it’s usually in reference to other people: boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or friend. However, there’s one travel buddy who shouldn’t be overlooked in this conversation: your dog. Yes, adventuring with man’s best friend can be a lot of fun, and there are several Kelowna pet friendly hotels that can make this a reality.

When you think about it, bringing your pooch along for your road trip can make a lot of sense. Whether you own a poodle or a Pomeranian, they make terrific sidekicks.


1. Always up for Some Exercise

Bringing your dog along with you when you stay at one of the Kelowna pet friendly hotels in the area is a great way to stay active. They require frequent exercise, which might just inspire you to head outdoors and explore the area’s:

  • Hiking trails
  • Beaches
  • Parks

Many of Kelowna’s public parks are pet-friendly (some require dogs to be on leash), plus there are more than 85 dedicated dog parks to choose from.


2. Cheaper than a Kennel

Being a pet owner comes with responsibility. When you travel—whether it’s for business or leisure—you need to decide what to do with your pets. Your options are fairly limited:

  • Bring them with you
  • Board them in a kennel
  • Hire a house sitter
  • Leave them with family or friends

If you have someone you can leave your dog with, that’s great. If not, you might be looking at some hefty kennel fees. On the other hand, many Kelowna pet friendly hotels charge a nominal fee to have your pet stay with you. Plus, you usually get complimentary pup packs that include things like:

  • Toys
  • Dog treats
  • Water bowl

For a checklist of things you bring with you when you travel with your dog, read our post: Pet Travel Accessories for Your Trip to Kelowna Pet Friendly Hotels.


3. Dogs Don’t Ask: “Are We There Yet?”

When it comes to traveling, most dogs are fairly laid back. They’re happy to hunker down on the back seat, catch some shut-eye and get out and do their business when you stop for food or gas. Kids…not so much.

In fact, if you are traveling with children, your pet can become just as much of an indispensable companion to them as they are to you.


4. You Won’t Have to Fight for Bed Space

Dogs give you many of the benefits of a human travel partner—such as friendship and being there to share your experiences—but you won’t have to play tug-of-war with your blankets when you sleep, and the bathroom will be all yours when you want it.


5. Security

An intelligent, well-trained dog is like having your own personal security guard. When you’re traveling alone, it can be comforting to have an extra set of keen eyes and ears (and nose) to alert you to potential danger.


Kelowna pet friendly hotels are a convenient option for people traveling with dogs. If you and your pooch need a place to stay in the Okanagan, call BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites: 1-888-860-1212

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