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One Way Kelowna Hotels Can Keep Kids Busy

December 17, 2015

BC Wildlife Adventure at Kelowna hotel

With its new BC Wildlife Adventure smartphone app, Best Western is one of the leading Kelowna hotels when it comes to engaging younger guests.

Travelling to Kelowna hotels for a getaway can be a great experience for your entire family. It’s a chance to explore the city and surrounding areas, and it can create a bond that brings families closer together. But during those slower moments when parents just want to relax a little, how do you keep kids occupied?

Instead of just plunking them down in front of the television, BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites has come up with a novel way to keep your little ones entertained. It’s called BC Wildlife Adventure, an interactive smartphone app the Kelowna hotel developed in partnership with QuestUpon, a company that focuses on ‘gamifying’ the real world to inspire an active lifestyle.


Connecting with Nature

Designed for kids of all ages, BC Wildlife Adventure helps connect kids with the nature and wildlife that can be found in Kelowna, and across BC. The game is designed specifically for Best Western Kelowna (it’s not available at other Kelowna hotels), and kids can start playing right at the check-in counter.

By playing the game, kids will get to experience things like:

  • Catching salmon as they swim upstream
  • Taking a photo of a moose
  • Picking apples off of a tree
  • Seeing a grizzly bear
  • Take a picture of the legendary Ogopogo


The Perfect Backdrop

The one-acre courtyard at the Best Western is one of nicest of any of the hotels in Kelowna, and it provides an ideal setting for kids to explore the game. Once they’ve downloaded the BC Wildlife Adventure app (available on Apple or Android devices), players embark on a geocaching adventure that takes them through the courtyard and other parts of the hotel.

Some of the game’s other unique features include:

Dynamic quests: This could include urban races, guided tours and passport adventures.

Interactive characters: Interact with, and take photos of, mascots and other characters in a 3D augmented reality.

Time travel: Take a trip to see what the world looks like in the past (or the future!)

Social interaction: Send and receive messages containing additional missions.

Edutainment: Discover interactive clues that help you answer tricky trivia questions to unlock new missions.


Other Things to Do Around the Hotel

Of course, as fun and engaging as BC Wildlife Adventure is, there are plenty of other things you can do in and around the Best Western Kelowna as well. One of our most popular amenities is our heated, indoor mineral pool. No matter what time of year it is, it’s ideal for active families to go for a dip and have some fun.

And for those who want to warm up on a chilly winter night, we also have two outdoor hot tubs.


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Are you searching for family-friendly Kelowna hotels? BEST WESTERN KELOWNA Hotel & Suites features a number of amenities to help people of all ages enjoy their stay. Call us to book your next stay in Kelowna: 1-888-860-1212

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