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Kelowna Hotels Are Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon – And Guests LIKE it!

October 11, 2011

Social Media  - Love it or loath it, it's changing the world as we know it, from communication to travel. 

Some people routinely check their house mailbox daily in hopes of receiving a reply to their thoughtful hand-written letter, or perhaps a travel brochure enticing them to visit somewhere tropical...AND they still enjoy talking to a human voice on the phone. Don't laugh - those people are really out there!  Others check their email inbox daily in hopes of receiving that latest and greatest internet link from friends, or maybe a newsletter from their fave Kelowna hotels enticing them to book online (Hint hint). And they "LOL" at the last text they received from their electronic device aka 'friends'. That's considered talking, right? They also enjoy being able to post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, network on get the idea.  Basically, they are lovers of all things technologically-advanced in the world of socializing.  

The tourism industry has taken full advantage of using social media outlets to reach this tech savvy audience, and this is changing the way people travel. Use of social media for travel research is as common as ending a text message with a smiley face.  Before internet, people relied on their friend's verbal recommendations or travel photos (Remember sitting through all those beloved slideshows?).  They had to believe the picture on the travel brochure was in fact reality (Not so nice when the white sand beach is not so white).  

Travelers can now use various social websites to plan, ask for recommendations, and to share their experiences at that exact moment in time. They're getting up close and personal with whom they choose to do business with.  Being able to communicate directly with staff, see current pictures, and keep up to date on deals, promos, contests, events, travel news, and reading instant reactions and reviews has become today's way of interaction and communication.  Funny enough, this contradicts the theory that technology is making communication cold and impersonal!


Even hotels in Kelowna are now sharin', postin', and bloggin' their hearts away!

The Best Western Kelowna Hotel is a part of the social media frenzy, and we love it! We consider our 1000's of fans and followers as our guests. We always welcome feedback to let us know what we do to make a guest's stay in our Kelowna hotel so awesome, and also what we can do better.  (We recently received an award from one of the world's biggest travel sites based exclusively on guest feedback!)  Check out more reviews on hotels in Kelowna on TripAdvisor.

We want to know: Do you use social media for travel purposes? Make reviews online? What's your fave social site?

We'd love to hear from you, so visit our Best Western Kelowna Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.  (Or you could hand-write us a letter if you really want, we don't mind.)


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