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Kelowna Hotel Deals: A Value-added Package for Every Occasion

January 21, 2016

Wine Tour Kelowna Hotel Deals

Okanagan wine tours are an example of the value-added Kelowna hotel deals available to visitors in the region.

There are Kelowna hotel deals for all kinds of visitors to the Okanagan. There are deals for those who simply want the cheapest rate possible, while others are looking for bargains on a last-minute booking. And then there are those who seek the combination of convenience and cost-effectiveness of a package deal.

The latter group is interested in more than just a room to sleep in. They’re coming to the Okanagan Valley for an experience (and there are certainly many to be had). In this instance, value-added package deals are a terrific option because they:

  • Reduce the amount of planning and booking required
  • Highlight the activities and attractions the region is famous for
  • Offer local guides with insider knowledge of the area
  • Utilize the most reputable tour operators and venues

Best of all, a Kelowna hotel's deals like this offer discounted rates when compared to paying for the accommodation and excursions separately.


Summer, Winter or In Between

One of the things that make the Okanagan such an impressive tourist destination is that there’s something happening all of the time. This makes it easy when choosing Kelowna hotel deals.

While some packages are season-specific—such as skiing up at Big White Mountain Resort in winter—many can be enjoyed year-round:

  • Okanagan wine tours
  • Spa packages
  • Shopping packages

And while the Okanagan’s golf courses aren’t open year-round, they’re not far off. Some of the Kelowna-area courses have opened as early as April and you can play on them well into October.


Romantic Getaways

Whether you’re planning a special weekend getaway to ‘pop the question,’ or you’ve come to the Okanagan to say ‘I do,’ there are a number of Kelowna hotel deals that’ll help make the moment a memorable one.

And if Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you can let your loved one know just how much you care.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that happen spontaneously, and Kelowna hotels can serve as the ideal base as you go out and explore the area. Depending on the time of year and your personal preferences, you’ll be free to choose from an array of things to do in Kelowna:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Sailing
  • Water skiing
  • Agricultural tours
  • Sun worshipping
  • Fruit picking
  • Music festival


Pampering the Senses

For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to life, you can book Kelowna hotels deals that’ll soothe your soul. When it comes to unwinding, nothing beats the muscle-melting feeling of a massage treatment. Places like BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites have an in-house spa, meaning you don’t even have to leave the property to indulge your senses.

To learn more about this, read our post: In-Hotel Spa Treatments–Know What You’re Getting!


Are you looking for Kelowna hotel deals for your next stay in the Okanagan? BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites combines competitive prices, comfortable rooms and stellar customer service. Call us to book your next visit: 1-888-860-1212

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