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How Are Falling Oil Prices & Kelowna Pet-friendly Hotels Related?

February 14, 2015

Next door, in Alberta, oil prices are dropping almost daily, and the economy is looking grim. What impact will this have on the upcoming summer travel season? From Kelowna pet-friendly hotels—with room for Cosmo—to eating local cuisine, all expectations are Alberta families will find budget-friendly ways to sneak in a memory-filled summer vacation.

By the time June rolls around, things could be different, but for now, with such a dim economic outlook in Alberta, many families in that province are halting or altering spending. Fortunately, they won't have to cut out their summer holidays; they'll just have to do it smarter.

Here are our predictions on how falling oil prices will impact Alberta summer travel:


1.  Families will travel more to BC than the US or abroad.

Perhaps that trip to the Grand Canyon, Disneyland or even Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa can wait another year or two. But families can't keep the kids cooped up all summer, and they know how important it is to use summer break to spend quality time with the kids and explore new places. That's why families will choose drive-able destinations in BC that feel like an entirely new place because of the attractions, activities and the landscape. Kelowna pet-friendly hotels will make good sense because they're close and yet a world away from home, with a free beach just blocks away and easy access  a host of other low-cost, nature-filled attractions.

WildPlay Ziplining in Kelowna Tourism

With the help of Kelowna pet-friendly hotels and other tips, budget-minded Albertans can still enjoy an Okanagan family holiday this summer.

Photo: WildPlay Ziplines from


2. Families will forgo some of the extras, but not the good stuff.

Heading to the Okanagan valley—land of lakes, fruit, and sunny skies—gives families a chance to experience all things summer together. Parents will keep those trip plans, they'll just look for ways to do it on a little less.

By staying at Kelowna pet-friendly hotels with free breakfasts and kitchenettes, families can pick up a few groceries and make one or more of the day's meals in the room for huge savings. Check out our post, Squeeze More Out of Your Summer Holiday Food Budget in Kelowna. Perhaps instead of hauling and filling up Uncle Jerry's gas-guzzling cigarette boat, families will rent paddle-boards and swim at the beach.


3. Families will bring Fido instead of leaving her at a costly kennel.

Depending on whether the household family pet is a snake or a Bassett hound, critter sitters can be expensive—sometimes as much as $30 a day in cities like Calgary. Families will be able to save a good chunk of their travel budget if they look through Kelowna pet-friendly hotels and find one that meets their needs.


4. Families will 'go local' in the valley of orchards and vineyards.

To save money on food and drink spending as well as enjoy the fruits of the Okanagan, choose local wines in restaurants, sometimes a less expensive yet more delicious choice. Visit farmer's markets, u-pick farms and roadside fruit stands to fuel your family in a healthy and farm-to-table way that doubles as an educational opportunity.


When you're looking for conveniently located Kelowna pet-friendly hotels that help you make the most of your family's vacation, consider the BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelowna Inn & Suites, offering a mineral pool, spa, fitness centre, free hot buffet breakfast and more.

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