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6 Tips to Get the Most out of a Meeting Room Rental

March 27, 2017

Effective Meetings at Best Western Kelowna Hotel

The next time you book a meeting room rental, follow these tips to maximize efficiency.

If you’ve gone ahead and arranged a meeting room rental for your next brainstorming session, you may find yourself looking for ways to stay on task and on schedule. To prevent your meeting from being derailed by an innocent off-topic question or an unexpected interruption, refer to these tips and lead your upcoming meeting like a boss. 


1. Get to the Point

Before the meeting begins, make it very clear to the attendees what the meeting is about. When everyone gathers in the meeting room rental, spend the first five minutes outlining the agenda and explaining why you’ve called everyone together. 


2. Designate a Minute Taker

Meeting minutes are a really important take-away to have when a meeting concludes. Because they play a big role in the meeting aftermath, make sure you’ve delegated the task to some responsible enough to capture all the details from the big ideas to the smallest details. Once you’ve received a copy of the minutes from the minute taker, circulate them to the attendees right away so they have something tangible to take away from the meeting. 


3. Respect the Rules

For productive, effective meetings, set the ground rules at the onset. Setting rules will show the intention to respect each other’s time, opinions, and ideas. Action items should be presented, discussed, agreed upon (or not) and then the group, as a whole, should be able to move onto the next agenda item. 


4. Start on Time & End Early

One of the biggest sources of frustrations during a corporate meeting is a late start and end. Each attendee’s time is valuable. Your meeting has taken them away from otherwise important tasks. To keep the entire group happy, focused, and on point, be sure to start the meeting as promised and try to end the meeting before the expected finish time. Plan ahead to make sure you’ve booked your meeting room rental for an appropriate amount of time. 


5. Stop Tangents in their Tracks

It happens during every meeting: one attendee runs off on a tangent that may or may not be directly related to the meeting at hand. Stop these digressions before they have a chance to develop into a complete derailment. Recognize the attendee’s opinion, but quickly and tactfully switch the direction of the conversation back to the intended purpose. 


6. Hold the Attendees Responsible

The easiest way to make a meeting a model of efficiency is to supply the attendees with action items at the conclusion of the meeting. By providing each attendee with a task, including an expected completion date, your meeting will go from a discussion among coworkers to a cause for action and solution. 


If you’re looking to book a conference room for your next meeting, consider the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Our meeting space has natural lighting, audio-visual equipment, and customizable menu items. We’d be happy to help incorporate each and every detail you request into your next meeting. Call us today on 1-888-860-1212

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